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    Is VS Code supported on 13.2 release?

    Hello. I am new to non windows OS. I want to learn and use FreeBSD. I searched this forum thread for VS Code and I think there were problems with it in past. Does it work now? Should I install it with "pkg install vscode" like says? What should be my...
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    C Good IDE for C/C++ programming that doesn't look like the 1990's??

    Is there a single free IDE out there that does not look like it is from the 90's? Code::Blocks is fine but it seriously looks like the 1990's IDE in my old CS course book. VSCode is Microsoft bloatware but it both is and looks good. CLion is amazing but costs cash money and their new system...
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    Other Goland IDE debugging tool in FreeBSD

    Hello here, So FreeBSD has the following port devel/jetbrains-goland which provides with this IDE. It works, however, it's debugging tool might not be working, or at least it is not working in my installation under FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE-p9. When I try to use the debugger within it, I get the...