1. Sivan!

    Solved BSD hypervisor

    # The thread was opened with the idea of installing Bhyve-server in an old amd server with 13.1 command line, the first few posts relate to the errors / limitations during install in that server. After that I moved on to install in in a desktop with kde5. The errors mentioned in the first few...
  2. P

    hyper-v Virtualization: HyperV ifconfig output throws error then setting to autoselect

    Error seen in 13.0 and 13.1: root@share-bare13:~ # ifconfig hn0 media autoselect ifconfig: SIOCSIFMEDIA (media): Operation not supported root@share-bare13:~ This issue was not seen in BSD 10.4: bsd-10.4# ifconfig hn0 media autoselect bsd-10.4# I have raised a bug for this issue: 264253 I...
  3. S

    bhyve Windows Server 2012 via Bhyve keep crashes

    Hello. I'm using bhyve on FreeBSD 12.1. but if i start Windows Server 2012 R2 or other vms, It works but it crashes after 1~2 hours automatically. I'm using ZFS. my hdd images are at /root/vms and I made it with truncate -S 32G vm_01.img. bhyve \ -c 3 \ -s 0,hostbridge \ -s...
  4. JonyPost

    Can't make bhyve with lagg failover work on wifi

    Hello, I'm using bhyve on 12.1-RELEASE-p6, with failover mode between ethernet and wireless interfaces enabled and configured as following: ifconfig_em0="ether 10:0b:a9:9e:76:28" wlans_iwn0="wlan0" ifconfig_wlan0="WPA" cloned_interfaces="lagg0" ifconfig_lagg0="up laggproto failover laggport em0...
  5. 0w8States

    Running Bhyve without nested virtualizations feature?

    Hi All, I've been doing some testing of my companies real-time kernel modules inside Bhyve, and I noticed that the system complains that it has nested virtualization enabled. This is common of my companies modules; if running on a guest inside Virtualbox, or VMWare workstation, it's as simple...
  6. T

    FreeBSD 10.4 hangs during boot on KVM

    For those of you using KVM as a hypervisor for FreeBSD guest machines, if a freshly installed FreeBSD 10.4-release guest hangs during boot, it might be 213155. See screenshot This also happens if you upgrade a guest machine from FreeBSD 10.3 to FreeBSD 10.4. My host machine has an AMD...