1. Bellfox Ace

    piperd ?

    Greetings, i've install FreeBSD-13.0 (stable version), ZFS off course. Then, i've install apache+php+mysql, and so on. When i do top, i've got so many piperd in STATE column which triggered by httpd (apache). the piperd consumes many WCPU, about two or three piperd (from httpd triggered) each...
  2. KubaOP10

    Solved [PHP] session_start throws HTTP 500 Error

    I have httpd, mysql-server and php installed on FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE i386. Webpage with php loads normally until I put session_start function which leads to HTTP 500 error (Internal server error). I was trying to find some informations about this on internet but I was unable to find anything...
  3. R

    Why I can't use a Load Balancer configured in Apache ?

    Hello everyone, as you can see in the title, I'm having some trouble trying to make a load balancer on one of my FreeBSD servers. I don't know why but the configuration that I'm giving to apache looks fine, because it's giving me a "syntax ok" when I restart the service, but asks me if the...
  4. jontheil

    Apache 2.4 errors on 12.0-RELEASE

    I have an installation of www/apache24 that have been running flawlessly for years. I made some changes (installed www/nextcloud, configured a nullfs etc.). After that, I haven't been able to start the web server with my usual configuration. When both mod_perl and mod_ssl are disabled, the...
  5. F

    Mail username

    Hello guys ! I'm running FreeBSD 10.1 and I have a little problem. With httpd installed and webserver running every mail goes to receiver with same name/email. Configuration: private $smtpServer = ''; private $port = '465'; private $timeout = '45'; private...
  6. unknownuser

    phpmyadmin won't work from within jail

    Hello guys, I am here once again. It has been two long days since I have been working on getting phpmyadmin up and running under a FreeBSD 10.3 jail. Essentially I am using the same exact configuration I use on the FreeBSD HOST apart from the IP's . My goal is to run phpmyadmin as vhost on a...