1. blind0ne

    Shell The simplest form of http/https

    Hello, here is my question - I used to use web server like apache/nginx to setup the port and then redirect it to some file like geteway.php or whole complex framework like composed one. How can I do the same thing with sh script and without server program like nginx. How it was done it days...
  2. R

    Why I can't use a Load Balancer configured in Apache ?

    Hello everyone, as you can see in the title, I'm having some trouble trying to make a load balancer on one of my FreeBSD servers. I don't know why but the configuration that I'm giving to apache looks fine, because it's giving me a "syntax ok" when I restart the service, but asks me if the...
  3. W

    IPFW Question about how ipfw rule for HTTP 80 works

    Hey everybody, Currently I already have my server runing as desired. Looking for optimizations and how to keep it hardening, I have found the reference on /etc/rc.ipfw about the book Building Internet Firewalls. So, try following some examples, I did not got how ipfw works when trying limit...
  4. sidetone

    http protocol isn't working on my computer

    http isn't working on my computer, but https is. I thought it had to do with after I rebuilt world with fewer options. I looked up if there were Internet blackouts in my area, and there were, but then later I realized that only http wasn't working, and that my Roku was working fine. I thought...
  5. Rastko

    lagg0 denies router config

    Hi, I have set up the lagg0 failover virtual link that aggregates ethernet and radio adapters on my laptop. Everything works fine, except I cannot access my router configuration page. I've changed the firewall script to use interface "lagg0" in the rules, but I didn't change much, and the...

    nginx (or PHP?) sends wrong Location in HTTP header

    Hello! OS: FreeBSD 11-RELEASE Engine: nginx-1.10.1_2,2 App language: php70-7.0.12 CMS: Symfony 1.4 I have a problem with Location in HTTP header. Old server (Apache, PHP5) reply for all browsers: Location: New server (nginx, PHP7) reply for all browsers: : http...
  7. J

    Install and update system and packages without FTP

    Hi, I stumbled upon this line in the FreeBSD official documentation: I'm stunned because I've been looking for ways to work with FreeBSD without FTP for days and it seems impossible. pkg install uses FTP and I find no way to globally override this freebsd-update uses FTP and I find no way to...
  8. J

    [ezjail] Download base system via HTTP instead of FTP?

    Hi, I'm following this tutorial to install and configure ezjail: At the step: $ sudo ezjail-admin install -sp the script tries to download Is it possible to change the base url...
  9. R

    Solved Cannot connect to my remote HTTP server

    I have installed a FreeBSD10 instance on Amazon EC2. By using pkg I have also installed nodejs, npm. I have put a simple HTTP server code in my directory: /usr/ec2-user/app1/index.js with code: var koa = require('koa');// is an http app framework var app = koa(); app.use(function * () {...