1. L

    Should I use bastion in my host/domain name?

    I am new to freebsd. I am using it on my laptop for personal use (not a server, just personal). I made my first installation a few days ago but it has many problems as I am not much experienced with installation. I am not sure what should I keep as my host/domain name. I went through...
  2. Buck

    Hostname + domain name and without hostname in rc.conf

    What are the general recommendations for a public-facing mail server regarding hostname? I've been living forever with, recently changed it to just and it broke Postfix delivery. While I'm sure I can work around that particular issue, I wonder what I can and should...
  3. R

    Dovecot gives me Fatal: Invalid system hostname: ''.

    When I try to restart the service with the command service dovecot restart it just gives me this error Fatal: Invalid system hostname: '' which I don't know how to solve. I tried to find in the dovecot.conf and in other configuration files some keywords about hostname, but I couldn't find...
  4. Itproman

    Solved FreeBSD 10.2 Fresh Install: Hostname Not Resolving

    I have a fresh FreeBSD 10.2 install. Problem: The hostname is not resolving. Meaning, if I try to log in from another machine on my LAN with ssh if I use the IP address, it works, but the hostname doesn't. I tried adding that machine to the hosts file, as well as another machine beside it, the...