1. xk2600

    ZFS ZFS SLOG Mirror split across HAST and local device

    So, I have been experimenting with methods for providing "clustering" on ZFS for a while now and I recently purchased a Supermicro 6036ST-6L Shared Storage Bus system. It's provides an interesting opportunity as both nodes in the host can share the storage via SAS, and the SAS topology seems...
  2. fr33bsd

    HA DNS, Mail, Storage

    Greetings everybody, I am no freebsd expert. I have linux and freebsd experience. I would like to setup a HA mail, dns and storage server for SOHO environment. So, there will be just 2 small servers with few spin disks and ethernet nics. Regarding storage there is HAST and uCARP...
  3. fsh

    Solved HAST: Unable to receive request header: Socket is not connected.

    Hey all, I'm attempting to test HAST on two Raspberry Pis and am hitting an issue. (FWIW I've attempted on two x86_64s with the same results. Locally and with a VPS provider.) I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. The primary Pi, hotel, has an IP of The...
  4. Avery Freeman

    Other ctl HA vs HAST for vSphere SAN - are both necessary?

    Hi, I'm looking at setting up a storage area network for ESXi/vSphere, and I've been looking at all my options. One thing I came across recently while looking at HAST was that ctl itself has its own HA functionality. From ctl: +o Support for multiple ports, initiators, targets and...
  5. M

    Other HAST device in fstab?

    12.1-RELEASE-p7 I have just finished setting up my first HAST+CARP configuration but ran into a hen/egg issue: if I have the HAST device in fstab and reboot, the computer will not finish booting because it will complain that the HAST device does not exist. If not in /etc/fstab, then where is...
  6. `Orum

    ZFS ZFS & HAST with different disk configurations?

    I've got two servers, which for ease of communication we'll call primary and secondary. Currently they're both running ZFS on root, and syncing often via zfs send/recv. However, I'd like to convert over to HAST, for faster failover and to avoid rolling back however many minutes its been since...
  7. G

    Other Extend HAST resource possible?

    Hello, The title says it pretty much. I have a HAST replication and I am close to out of space scenario. I spent some time searching on the Internet for HAST and resource resize but I haven't find any statement if it is possible, or not.
  8. P

    error in hast

    On running service hastd onestart on both servers, it shows no resource test configuration for this node (acceptable node names :iex4,36444335-3131-3439-4338-3834314435, host id 1073017192). /etc/rc.d/hastd: warning: failed to start hasted.
  9. ThePanaceya

    Solved HAST degraded after clean install

    Hello! I have two VM (on XenServer) with same /etc/hast.conf: resource test { on master-a { local /dev/ada1 remote } on master-b { local /dev/ada1 remote } } Hostname master-a have IP, hostname master-b have IP Servers...
  10. D

    HAST + ZFS reboot hang with 'All buffers synced' on 10.2-RELEASE

    Hi (note that that also posted this on the freebsd-questions. I'm new to FreeBSD so please excuse my ignorance) I have a setup with two SuperMicro machines with an X10SRH motherboards. The O/S is running on ZFS root plus a set of two HGST drives on each machine that are configured as disk0 and...