1. mathcrimes

    Annoying + persistent failure to compile 14-CURRENT

    Hello, I feel pretty silly having to post this + I guess there are some things I still could try towards resolving this... but, I find it odd that I can't find any other reference to this error anywhere. During the make buildkernel stage of compiling 14-CURRENT, I keep getting this error...
  2. Sivan!

    src component not installed error blocking freebsd update installation.

    /usr/ports/graphics/gpu-firmware-amd-kmod$ doas make install clean ===> Building for gpu-firmware-amd-kmod-banks-20220511 make[1]: "/usr/ports/graphics/gpu-firmware-amd-kmod/work-banks/drm-kmod-firmware-20220511/Makefile" line 4: Cannot open /usr/src/sys/conf/kern.opts.mk make[1]: Fatal errors...
  3. john_rambo

    Have you used HardenedBSD ? Did you like it ?

    https://hardenedbsd.org/content/about I am using GhostBSD. I like it. Its quite user friendly. I searched about which is the most secure OS & found 2. The first one is OpenBSD & the second is HardenedBSD. I care a lot about security so I am curious. Is HardenedBSD really more secure than...
  4. D

    Solved How do I get Xorg running?

    I'm just setting up HardenedBSD, which is based on FreeBSD. I was trying to install and get Ice-WM running but whenever I try to run it, I get some messages telling me that it can't open the display and that X must be running. I have a screenshot of the problem at hand. So how do I get X...
  5. vermaden

    HOWTO: Introduction to HardenedBSD World

    I have made a short introduction to HardenedBSD (FreeBSD fork): https://vermaden.wordpress.com/2018/04/06/introduction-to-hardenedbsd-world/
  6. Cavadus

    C libgpio.h include not picking up functions

    w/e please delete