hard disk

  1. rwv37

    Replace a drive having a partition in a ZFS pool - how do I deal with the REST of the drive?

    I have a 13.2-RELEASE-p4 machine with four hard drives. They are all partitioned just like this one: # gpart show ada0 => 40 35156656048 ada0 GPT (16T) 40 532480 1 efi (260M) 532520 2008 - free - (1.0M) 534528 33554432 2...
  2. nerozero

    ZFS Choosing drives for ZFS Virtualization server

    Hello, could you please recommend me a reliable and fast disk for a server which should host 3-4 virtual machines, which use a large data blocks ( eg 2TB volume for VM: zfs create -sV2T -o volblocksize=4k -o volmode=dev zvmpool/zcloud-disk0 ) At the moment I found those quite promising...
  3. megarubber

    Solved FreeBSD can’t boot

    Hello everyone. I have a computer with Windows, Arch and Lubuntu and all these systems are booting from a Multi-Boot. Recently, I decided to download freebsd for some tests and decided to put the OS in my multi-boot. I allocated 20 GB, installed in UEFI/GPT and made 3 partitions from UFS...
  4. C

    UFS My FreeBSD system is unable to mount a hard drive and is saying that the file isn't there even though it is.

    I am running FreeBSD 12.2. I have a hard drive connected through SATA to the computer. It has been formatted as a freebsd filesystem. Its name according to geom disk list is ada0. I checked the /dev file and ada0 is definitely there. Whenever I try to mount it with mount /dev/ada0 /MOUNTPOINT...
  5. B

    disks over 2TB in size

    Just wondering if it has been considered to not auto select dos for the disk if the disk is detected to be over 2TB? GPT works but it'd be nice to have it just work automatically?
  6. R

    Other Curious SCSI error while zero'ing hard disk

    I've re-purposed an old HP X1600 storage server to be used as an archive file server. It has an HP SmartArray P420 in HBA mode and a 12 drive SAS backplane. The drives are 1 TB Western Digital RAID edition disks. As part of making this server suitable again I've started zero'ing all the hard...

    Systems hang on bhyve guest (11.0)

    Hello! I've encountered a strange problem. At 3 am mail server (bhyve guest) crashed with 100% CPU usage. After hard reset in single user mode I had the following inconsistency file system. # fsck -fy ** /dev/vtbd0p2 ** Last Mounted on / ** Root file system ** Phase 1 - Check Blocks and Sizes...
  8. D

    Problem with hard disk

    Hello,who can explain what is meaning "Non-medium error" in this output. I think my hard disks have some problems. Disk1 root@nshost2:/home/david # smartctl -a -d cciss,0 /dev/ciss0 smartctl 6.5 2016-05-07 r4318 [FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p4 amd64] (local build) Copyright (C) 2002-16, Bruce Allen...
  9. geek

    Other Spin down idle disks with USB SATA/PATA adapter

    Hello. I'm planning to set up a Raspberry Pi server and, among other things, use hard disks with USB adapters for NAS with RAID. I want the disks to spin down after some time of inactivity. I experimented with an USB adapter and one SATA disk on my x86_64 desktop, and using ataidle -s /dev/da4...
  10. S

    Where does glabel store the metadata?

    I understand that the label is stored somewhere inside the disk, but where? The handbook says: but where exactly is that? Is this the MBR? I admit I'm a newbie as to the topology of HDDs, so any information I get I'll have to research to understand the answer. This question is for me to...