1. joel.bodenmann

    Solved HAproxy with SSL termination and failover

    Hello folks, I'm successfully running a HAproxy on a FreeBSD 11.1 machine with several web servers behind it. The HAproxy is doing SSL termination. My goal is to setup a failover for this setup. I started reading about CARP and from what I've read that should definitely be possible and quite a...
  2. M

    PF Problem with synproxy and haproxy

    I met a trouble wit synproxy and net/haproxy. I've installed net/haproxy on server, I tried to apply synproxy in front of our webserver, but it didn't work. Here's the rule I used: pass in on $ext_if proto tcp from to flags S/SA synproxy state It worked with 'keep...
  3. U

    CARP and surviving a HAProxy failure

    Hi, Trying out carp and net/haproxy. I have 2 nodes sharing a single IP using CARP. On each node iI have HAProxy and Apache running. HAProxy binds the frontend to this VIP, and the backend to each webserver running on the nodes. Everything works fine, CARP moves the IP, HAProxy takes servers...