1. hakayova

    FreeBSD update on KVM/QEMU VM led to inability to boot

    Dear all, This is my first post in this forum, and I am quite new to FreeBSD, so please be gentle with me. I have a FreeBSD 11.2 guest (VM) on a Manjaro Linux host based on KVM/QEMU infrastructure. I use the VM as a CardDAV and CalDAV server for the family, and among all options I tried...
  2. Rastko

    Solved Internet problems (VBox guest) on wireless bridged

    Hi, [Edit] Long story short: My internet adapter fails to get a DHCP lease. I have a VirtualBox FreeBSD guest running on a Windows host on a laptop. Because I will be on the go, I want to have a) a direct connection to the internet from the guest with dynamic IP addresses and b) a host-only...
  3. E

    FreeBSD as KVM GUI guest

    Hello, I am in the process of evaluation of FreeBSD 11 as a desktop use case. I try to install FreeBSD as a KVM guest, I succeed in installation of the OS, Xorg, Xfce, settings at /etc/rc.conf, /etc/fstab. However when I start the X, I get a blurry graphic output. Interestingly I get this...
  4. K

    FreeBSD guest

    Hi, I have no experience with virtualizing FreeBSD, but I'm looking to convert from one bare metal FreeBSD 8.4 server to two host systems running FreeBSD vms for redundancy. I'll also be virtualizing two windows 2003 instances and possibly an OpenBSD instance. I've pretty much narrowed the...
  5. kabe

    KVM - FreeBSD Guest

    Hi, I am trying to run FreeBSD as a guest on KVM (Ubuntu). I am wanting to try to mount a folder using the Filesystem config but I can't seem to find anything that definitively says that FreeBSD supports 9p mounts. If you run the mount command it says "Operation not supported by device"
  6. aragats

    Having all bhyve guests on the same network

    Hello, How can I configure my network to achieve this? Probably it's simple, but I couldn't figure it out. The simplest case is when I have 2 bhyve guests, one on tap0, another on on tap1. I'd like those guest OS's to see each other having IP addresses in the same range. Thanks!
  7. J

    Solved Automatically adjust resolution as VMware guest

    Hello folks, I'm running a FreeBSD 10.2 guest in VMware and so far everything works great. The thing I am missing is that X changes the resolution when resizing the VMware window. From my Linux guests (I am switching to FreeBSD just now) I am used that changing the size of the VMware window...
  8. C

    Can't connect to FreeBSD10.2 guest from Win10 host

    Greetings! I have set up FreeBSD 10.2 as a guest OS in VirtualBox with my Windows 10 host. I am using bridged mode for networking. I have already set up ddclient to update my dynamic IP address with my domain name and I can successfully connect to from a browser or ssh from all...