grub2 uefi install boot

  1. mamrezo

    Install FreeBSD 13.0 alongside with other OS's on UEFI system via GRUB2 (Multiboot)

    Hi there, Nowadays, UEFI boot and multiboot is a matter for all of us. We have more storage, GPT let us have many primary partitions and after all, with a boot loader like GRUB you will do it, Have a system with a few OS for Gaming, Developing, Testing, Work, etc. Most setups end like this: 1...
  2. D

    Detect FreeBSD from GRUB on EFI

    Hi all, I'm posting my question here because it seems like my problem is specific to FreeBSD. I have a Dell laptop with Windows installed. I have installed Arch Linux on another partition, and it successfully detects Windows and allows me to boot it from the GRUB menu. I have also installed...
  3. ykla

    How to install grub2 with ZFS and UEFI ?

    Hi! I having some trouble in installing GRUB2. In FreeBSD 11. SO,how can I install grub2 with ZFS and UEFI ? My partitions: => 40 250069600 ada0 GPT (119G) 40 409600 1 efi (200M) 409640 2008 - free - (1.0M) 411648 16777216 2...
  4. Y

    How to install Grub on freebsd 12?

    ZFS UEFI+GPT Gpart show: I try to install grub by using posts.But it's show me i386-grub...I am using an AMD 64 CPU- Intel 6Y30…and install 64 bit freebsd… Then, using pkg install grub2 …it was can't find file system… And here is no wiki for grub2 on freebsd… How to using Grub2?