graphical enviroment

  1. baaz

    C Nukde .

    While not being an actual DE yet, my goal with this project is to make an set of "Unixy" immediate mode GUI programs for the BSDs . Codeberg . Github .
  2. S

    FreeBSD desktop environment / workstation configuration how-to's

    Being in the process of doing that for myself, I think it can be useful to put together a list of the most recent / breadth-some links on how to run FreeBSD as a full-fledged workstation. (after having done the same for openbsd, although there probably are far less pages) Here is my first catch...
  3. Harmnot

    Finish install but cant boot

    I have finish install bsd but there is no boot option on my computer ? Is there any missing file on ?
  4. L

    Can't install xorg

    In these days, I installed FreeBSD on a virtual machine(VirtualBox). I tried also to install the graphical interface. But, I can't install the xorg using ports, nor packages. Someone has any tip to do otherwise or knows what's wrong with xorg?