gpu passthrough

  1. toastyfe

    qemu FreeBSD Guest - Nvidia GPU Passthrough - Error starting Xorg

    Hey everyone! So I'm an Arch Linux user and I've recently learned about KVM/QEMU and PCI Passthrough.As I was learning about FreeBSD, I decided to give it a try as a VM. I currently have a Microsoft Surface Book (1st Gen with Performance Base) which has an Intel iGPU and a Nvidia GeForce GTX...
  2. W

    GPU Passthrough for Windows 10 Pro

    Hello All, I'm getting mixed answers from mixed sources, so I came to this forum in the hope I can get an accurate answer from someone who knows for a fact. I don't need assistance on how to get it done(if at all possible). I just have two questions: 1. Does FreeBSD support running a Windows...