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    Other gmirror per fs vs gmirror per drive - what is more optimal?

    I need to create 3 filesystems (UFS2) on two mirrored (by gmirror) spinning HDD drives. Write intencity would be around 3 writes of few kB per second on each, but that is 24/7 for years (logging). Maybe it doesn't matter too much, but while replacing several years old weared out drives on...
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    gmirror error

    Hi, We're trying to setup 2 x HDDs into mirror mode via gmirror during FreeBSD installation and this is what we're encountered with : Can you please help us out of this trouble ? Regards.
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    UFS UEFI booting with separate /boot partition

    I am in the process of migrating to UEFI on my laptop. I would like /boot to be on a separate partition in order to have / on GELI, but I cannot get the UEFI bootloader to play along. It finds both my mirrored /boot UFS partitions just fine, but refuses to continue because /boot/loader.efi does...
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    FreeBSD 10.2 Install with GPT and GMIRROR

    Hello, I have recently hit a snare with a recent installation and was hoping that I might be able to get some help here. I understand that GPT and gmirror do not get along, however there is a work around that had currently worked for me on 9.0. This no longer works for me and I was wondering...