1. BosephusKingfish

    gmirror With GPT on boot volume

    I'm installing a new 13.2-RELEASE system with dual M.2 Samsung EVO 990 PRO 1TB SSDs. I'm attempting to make the second SSD a gmirror array, but it fails with: gmirror: Can't store metadata on /dev/nvd0: Operation not permitted. In my extensive searches, this appears to be that both GPT and...
  2. M

    Other Drive disappearing from gmirror

    Hello! I have two gmirrors on my machine. Both are showing up as degraded. These are brand new drives that I just installed (so I don't mind blowing up the configuration and re-doing things). I followed this guide to get going as I have no experience with gmirror...
  3. Machiaveli

    UFS Experiences with building a softraid 1 using gmirror(8)

    Hello folks, I'm using a remote headless server on 11.4-REALEASE-p8 that is used to host services for my personal needs. The motherboard (an Intel DH67BL) handles softraid capabilities and thinking of using a second disk to make a raid 1. Reading the handbook at chapter 19.3.3, it's possible...
  4. spork

    UFS gpt and whole disk mirrors?

    In the pre-gpt days, this was possible and was a drop-dead simple way to create a mirror, even after the initial install. My understanding is that gpt and gmirror battle for the last sector of the disk for metadata, and therefore the gmirror method became more complex - you basically have to...
  5. A

    Other gmirror per fs vs gmirror per drive - what is more optimal?

    I need to create 3 filesystems (UFS2) on two mirrored (by gmirror) spinning HDD drives. Write intencity would be around 3 writes of few kB per second on each, but that is 24/7 for years (logging). Maybe it doesn't matter too much, but while replacing several years old weared out drives on...
  6. S

    gmirror error

    Hi, We're trying to setup 2 x HDDs into mirror mode via gmirror during FreeBSD installation and this is what we're encountered with : Can you please help us out of this trouble ? Regards.
  7. A

    UFS UEFI booting with separate /boot partition

    I am in the process of migrating to UEFI on my laptop. I would like /boot to be on a separate partition in order to have / on GELI, but I cannot get the UEFI bootloader to play along. It finds both my mirrored /boot UFS partitions just fine, but refuses to continue because /boot/loader.efi does...
  8. E

    FreeBSD 10.2 Install with GPT and GMIRROR

    Hello, I have recently hit a snare with a recent installation and was hoping that I might be able to get some help here. I understand that GPT and gmirror do not get along, however there is a work around that had currently worked for me on 9.0. This no longer works for me and I was wondering...