1. A

    Solved Building Linux-originating programs could be easier

    Hey, everyone. I've been using FreeBSD daily for a few years now. Probably the most annoying problem I encounter regularly is the inability to easily build programs developed under Linux. One understands and swallows those bitter pills in case of big programs, but when building even small...
  2. X

    Building GCC

    After you run gmake you get a lot of stdout output. I'm actually getting errors trying to build gcc7.3. And in order for me to ask for help I need to know whether all this gmake output gets logged somewhere and, if so, where. Or is it just enough to copy just the last several lines where the...
  3. S

    C Building a current version of BOSSA

    Because the version in ports is ancient as a rock and doesn't support SAM4 Processors, I need to build a more recent Version. As usual for Linux- and Windows-centric software, documentation is near to non-existent, especially on how to build it, let alone on FreeBSD.... Apart from some commits...
  4. N

    Solved [Newbie] gmake doesn't recognize FreeBSD

    I wanted to install GDC at my FreeBSD, but when I typed sudo gmake install, those error occurred: /usr/home/vmware/gdc/gcc-7.3.0/libphobos/libdruntime/core/stdc/stdlib.d:204:9: error: undefined identifier 'wchar_t' int mbtowc(scope wchar_t* pwc, scope const char* s, size_t n); ^...
  5. Rastko

    Greetings Earthlings, I want to give GNUstep a try, but I'm missing I tried to compiled the backbone project which includes the app, but it doesn't compile. I've contacted build maintainer who helped me fixed an obvious problem but it still doesn't compile. The app is available...
  6. JazzSinatra

    Solved Finnish spell checker "voikko"

    Hello. I'm not completely sure is this the right subforum to ask this, but I'm trying to build this Finnish linguistic software *"Voikko" for FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p11. I have installed needed depencies (one of which is **Foma). I have built libvoikko from repository with configures...