1. LordInateur

    ZFS ZFS + GlusterFS (+ CBSD): "not supported on brick"

    Alright, so this may be pretty niche but I'm curious to know if anyone's run into this particular issue. The background is that I'm using sysutils/cbsd for bhyve orchestration and I'm getting around to learning more on how I can leverage cbsd to build out a little cluster to make VM migration...
  2. D

    Other Clean Samba4.13 with GlusterFS VFS Module Throwing Errors

    I used portsnap to install a clean install of Samba4.13 with the GlusterFS support turned on. When attempting to access the Gluster share, this error is reported. I tested normal shares and there were no issues. Could anyone shed some lights on where I should look for solutions?
  3. D

    ZFS How to set ACLs for mounted GlusterFS folder?

    Is this possible? I am recently switching my SAMBA storage from a zpool to a GlusterFS mount. ACLs worked fantastically with zpool, but I can't figure out how to enable it for the mounted GlusterFS.
  4. vermaden

    HOWTO: GlusterFS Cluster on FreeBSD with Ansible and GNU Parallel

    I would like to share an article about creating and accessing 6-node GlusterFS cluster on/from FreeBSD system. GlusterFS Cluster on FreeBSD with Ansible and GNU Parallel #verblog #freebsd...