1. daudo

    updating gitlab (from a source installation)

    In the company I'm working for, we've been using gitlab for quite some time, long before the gitlab package in the ports tree arrived. Because updating it purely from it's sources can be quite difficult from time to time, we would now like to switch to the ports package. The way gitlab works...
  2. E

    Gitlab-Runner makes a Gitlab 502 after install

    Hi Community, Yes, I am new in FreeBSD and I find a lots of "errors"? I installed the GitLab from ports tree and it works fine. My next try was: Install Gitlab-Runner. First, I installed the runner with instructions from GitLab directly. I get an error. Timetravel to the Point before I try...
  3. T

    PKG wants to install qtchooser, how to prevent?

    Hey everyone, I am trying to get Gitlab running on my server (FreeBSD 10.3). Gitlab installs the following package: rubygem-github-linguist-5.0.11 This is causing a conflict with qtchooser, the want to install in the same directory? After some searching on the net, it appears that qtchooser...
  4. A

    Requesting Assistance with Gitlab Port

    Hello, I have installed a Gitlab instance on FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE through the ports tree. While basic features are functional, there are a few errors which I am unable to resolve. I have searched online regarding the various issues but I have not been able to find any solutions. I have...
  5. xmj

    fractal cells - FreeBSD-based All-In-One solution for software development startups

    I’ve been working hard on ‪fractal cells, creating the All-In-One solution for software development startups. With fractal cells, you can easily transform a stock FreeBSD server into a fractal cells production environment. The hardware requirements are simple: You can run it on a VPS as small...