1. Incnis Mrsi

    Solved Dual-homed IPv6 via FreeBSD gateway with pf(4)

    Hopefully my experience and analysis will be appreciated here. IPv6 was developed having multihoming in mind, and it can be beneficial when no single “good” IPv6 supply exists locally. In many parts of the world an ISP can linger in business without offering IPv6 connectivity. The shortage of...
  2. nbari

    CARP using a gif tunnel

    In older FreeBSD versions, a carp interface could be created using ifconfig carp create And It seems to be working within a GIF tunnel, I found some rc scripts examples here: In the latest stable FreeBSD 13 at the moment of writing...
  3. T

    Solved What's the cloned_interfaces equivalent of gif_interfaces?

    Hi, I am using gif_interfaces for setting up a HE tunnel broker connection. While everything still works I get this warning: /etc/rc.d/netif: WARNING: $gif_interfaces is obsolete. Use $cloned_interfaces instead. However simply renaming it to cloned_interfaces doesn't do the trick. My...