1. john_rambo

    Those of you who have used GhostBSD please share your experience

    As you know GhostBSD offers a Live mode for testing, a really easy to use installer & a collection of apps installed by default which makes it really easy for FreeBSD newbies to try FreeBSD. I have a GhostBSD install and personally I am quite satisfied. The only thing that I don't like is the...
  2. senenmut

    what bsd compilation is best for desktop pc update in 2021 ?

    Hello , simple update. the reason for my question is to receive some opinions what compilation of bsd is actual the best in 2021. i know GHOSTBSD and that is the best from my actual knowledge. freebsd is the best indeed , however in this posting i ask for a extended version with full gui and...
  3. I

    Xorg and KDE does not work on FreeBSD 13, but GhostBSD works. So, what are the relevant config files?

    I'm trying to get KDE up and running on FreeBSD 13 on a laptop PC. I could not even configure Xorg to run and it seems like the hardware cannot be recognized. So, I downloaded GhostBSD (both the default MATE and Xfce versions) and it works out of the box. I am now trying to figure out what...