1. Killua

    PF GeoIP whitelist or blacklist of states

    Hi Guys, i don't find nothing on the net about GeoIP for PF, I searched a lot but nothing, I need to block states or create a white list of states that can access the server so I can make things easier for myself, could anyone help me? place here at the bottom of my pf configuration that is...
  2. T

    Solved geoiplookup for the new GeoLite2 country db

    Since the deprecation of, then removal of, the geoiplookup port and the removal by maxmind of the legacy databases, I've been looking for a "drop-in" replacement C program for the new GeoLite2 formatted databases to no avail. So, yesterday, I decided to write my own. $ ./geoiplookup2
  3. razsnic

    pecl-geoip with PHP7.1

    Hello, I am running Piwik using Apache/PHP71. I would like to install pecl-geoip, however I noticed that it is dependent on PHP56. Since I do not want to downgrade to PHP56 just for pecl-geoip, is there any way to install pecl-geoip using PHP71? Thank you! Raz