1. S

    Unexpected behaviour (emacs + sly involved)

    Hello, I am new in FreeBSD community, yet eager to learn its ways. After installing FreeBSD 13.1 with KDE, I wanted to check how it will suit my needs in terms of common lisp development, however I encountered unexpected complications. I have installed Emacs and SBCL from packages, then by...
  2. jjrabbit

    Solved Can't SSH After 13.1-RELEASE Update

    Hello, During the upgrade process to FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE the installer tells me: The following file could not be merged automatically: /etc/ssh/sshd_config Press Enter to edit this file in vi and resolve the conflicts manually... This is on a clean installation (i.e. zero changes). #...
  3. I

    Blank Screen unresponsive mouse cursor - Nvidia - FreeBSD 13.1

    Hello, I am new to FreeBSD, I am have installed FreeBSD 13.1 on my MSI GL63RX laptop which has Nvidia 1050Ti maxQ graphics card. From the handbook I was able to setup wifi and install nvidia 470.86, drm-kmod, slim and xfce using pkg install. I have also made sure there are no config files in...