freebsd 9.2

  1. Z

    Installing 10.X from Memstick doesn't work, but 9.X works.

    Hi FreeBSD Community, I wanted to install FreeBSD on my old PC, just to play around a little, and maybe write some software for it, just for the fun of it. I'm nowhere near a proffesional, so please have mercy on me. And patience, lots of patience. Anyway, first I installed FreeBSD 9.2, via a...
  2. master-richie

    root zfs install on FreeBSD 9.2 with gpt - clarity needed

    I have a G5 HP server I decided to repurpose as a local Drush / Drupal development machine. I decided against using hardware raid considering the age of the server hardware vs. the brand new 1tb SAS drives I just installed - in case the server hard fails I want my drives to be portable to...