freebsd 13.2 release

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    Solved Upgrade to freeBSD 13.2 causing trouble with vboxdrv.ko

    Hi, $ freebsd-version 13.2-RELEASE-p2 Since I upgraded to FreeBSD 13.2, vboxdrv.ko (virtualbox-ose-kmod-6.1.46) can't load : # dmesg . . . KLD vboxdrv.ko: depends on kernel - not available or version mismatch linker_load_file: /boot/modules/vboxdrv.ko - unsupported file type Curious because ...
  2. LibreQuest

    FreeBSD with 55" plasma tv as display screen crop

    I have a FreeBSD machine hooked up to a 55" plasma tv and the image is cropped all the way around. Is this a TV setting or a FreeBSD setting that I need to fix the cropping? The output is HDMI and the version is FreeBSD 13.2 Release. I tried both plasma and mate. But from the loading...
  3. LibreQuest

    HP Chromebook model# 14a-na0021nr

    I'm using an HP Chromebook to make this post. I installed FreeBSD 13.2 Release on this machine. It wasn't actually that difficult to get FreeBSD installed. However, there are two issues. The WiFi RTL8822CE does not work. And the audio output will only output through the HDMI. To overcome these...