freebsd 13

  1. A

    VMware GPU acceleration for freeBSD

    Hello. How can I enable hardware acceleration on freeBSD 13 ? I installed xf86-video-vmware now I got full screen window but it doesn't have hardware acceleration. when I look to the details section of my gnome(42) desktop , it shows "software rendering" in graphic section. everything is...
  2. C

    FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p4 + bhyve + Windows 10

    Hello. I have problem with local network/internet. I have local network on hq0 ( on this interface is dnsmasq # ifconfig hq0 hq0: flags=8943<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,PROMISC,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 1500...
  3. D

    cc: error: unknown argument: '-fformat-extensions' while buildkernel

    Hello, I have this error and the process stopped while build a custom kernel, does anyone knows what is going wrong? I am using FreeBSD 13.0
  4. D

    FreeBSD 13, Apache24, - not found, openjdk-,1 is marked as broken

    I'm a novice I'm trying to build a FreeBSD 13 system, with no complications. I've added cups and samba413, but not set them up yet. When I try to build Apache24, I get a long way through the build when it stops with errors :- ===> apr- depends on shared library: -...
  5. StreetDancer

    Thinkpad T430 - FreeBSD 13.0-CURRENT - Intel Driver (Problems)

    Hey everyone! I have been struggling to get FreeBSD running on my Thinkpad T430 (which I have done in the past; I just don't remember how). I have since then formatted and have a new hard drive in. I have spent the last 72 hours re-installing versions ranging from 12.1 - 13.0 CURRENT (which is...
  6. S

    Failed to find bootable partition - could be a bug of loader.efi on FreebSD 13?

    I use UEFI boot. /boot/loader.efi has been copied to /EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.efi of a proper ESP partition and we can see it was actually called by the UEFI. It won't go on the next boot stage. disk1p3 is actually that boot partition with /boot, but why loader.efi won't recognize it as a bootable...
  7. martinrame

    bhyve Android emulator in a virtual machine

    I'm trying to use Flutter in my FreeBSD 13 workstation, after finding it cannot run on it (even using linuxulator) I created an Ubuntu 20.04 VM on Bhyve, and installed everything. When I tried to run the emulator it said "Your CPU does not support required features (VT-x or SVM).". The...
  8. warbotz

    compiz-fusion on freebsd 13?

    Hello, has anyone tried to install compiz-fusion on freebsd 13? because there are many errors... loss of icons... of the configuration menu... etc... it barely works... what are the parameters to configure... in xfce4?
  9. K


    Hi folks. I got the following lines when checking my server with "dmesg -a", any idea what it refers? MCA: CPU 0 COR GCACHE LG RD error OS: FreeBSD 13-RELEASE Starting mysql. Starting background file system checks in 60 seconds. ... Sat Jan 29 14:59:15 +03 2022 MCA: Bank 18, Status...
  10. K

    MariaDB filling all my CPU cores up to 100%

    Greetings. Having mariadb105-server-10.5.13 running on FreeBSD 13 with ZFS. (A physical, dedicated server: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core 3593.32-MHz CPU and 64 GB RAM) My WordPress website sometimes getting random-visitors attacks/DDoS (hundreds of http GET requests instantly towards randomly...
  11. spmzt

    ِDoes FreeBSD Support MPLS?

    Hello, I want to setup MPLS on FreeBSD, but I can't find any documentation guide. I found this link below that says: Finishing FreeBSD MPLS implementation But there is nothing about it on the Internet or Wiki. Any Idea? Thanks.
  12. K

    PF Allow DHCP within PF

    In terms of PF rules (enabled, actively running in my VPS), which way is the best way to allow a DHCP server (of my VPS provider) connect&define an IP to my VPS without any prevention? 1- pass quick proto udp from any to or 2- pass in quick on $ext_if inet proto udp from any...
  13. K

    PF A weird PF whitelist problem

    Under FreeBSD 13, I'm using PF and it was working fine till today. I've a <whitelist> table that I suspect it's not really working with PF. Any IPs within that file (table <whitelist> persist file "/var/pf/whitelist.txt") seems still getting blocked by PF, as I see through real-time by the...
  14. N

    Solved FreeBSD release for building an OpenBSD

    Hi, I was going through the following man page about building openbsd image using Freebsd13 server.It looks this feature recently started supporting openbsd.. Did any one built openbsd using above utilitity ? I am...
  15. K

    PF PF config suggestions - web server?

    Hi there. I have a VPS running nginx as web server, local unbound, local maria-db and sshd. I'd be glad if anyone could confirm that I have no weird rule for the main server purposes I listed above and so that I'd continue studying PF. :) So this is my pf.conf (FreeBSD 13) (the table "f2b"...
  16. K

    net.inet.tcp.recvbuf_inc removed?

    Hi there. Under FreeBSD 13, the command "sysctl net.inet.tcp.sendbuf_inc" replies as; net.inet.tcp.sendbuf_inc: 8192 However, "sysctl net.inet.tcp.recvbuf_inc" says; sysctl: unknown oid 'net.inet.tcp.recvbuf_inc' Any idea why it doesn't exist? Is such parameter removed in FreeBSD 13? If so...
  17. Gamecreature

    Random Crash

    Since the update of FreeBSD from 12.2 to 13.0, I receive the following crashes every few days. dumped core - see /var/crash/vmcore.9 Sun Oct 10 11:49:14 CEST 2021 FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p4 FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p4 #0: Tue Aug 24 07:33:27 UTC 2021...
  18. 174bpm

    Solved EZJail Flavour rc.d script not executing in FreeBSD 13

    Hi all, First of all, apologies if this was covered elsewhere, or is blatantly obvious. I am very new to FreeBSD, have been trying to figure this out for the better part of a day, and don't really have anywhere else useful to post something that might be helpful for other people trying to set...
  19. S

    Solved Unable to "bless" FreeBSD 13 boot file on a Mac Mini (Late 2012)

    I want to create a dual boot system on a Mac Mini (late 2012, model A1347, Macmini6,2) with macOS in the internal HDD and FreeBSD 13 on an external HDD. As per the instructions on the "Apple Intel Mac mini support on FreeBSD" wiki I created a bootable FreeBSD installer and successfully...
  20. F

    Freeze boot FreeBSD 13.0

    I've been using FreeBSD on a virtual machine for a while now, for the reason that I'm a noob, in case it breaks something. Well I have decided to use FreeBSD as the base system, but my problem is that it is impossible for me to boot FreeBSD. I followed the steps in the manual, I got the...