freebsd 12

  1. G

    freebsd 12 no route to host / PKG install

    Two weeks ago (end of December 2019) I installed FreeBSD from USB stick with FREEBSD-12.0-RELEASE-amd64-dvd.iso I recall only selecting ipv4 and setting the up to the static IP I wanted my freeBSD box to use. Two days ago there was bad weather and my R7000 was not plugged into UPS during a...
  2. Morris

    ‘Cannot identify running kernel’ after upgrading to FreeBSD 12

    I have a VM that I use for some testing, playing around and other non-critical stuff. Because it’s not important I tend to be quite reckless with it, updating for the heck of it, not checking UPDATING before I do etc. Now, however, I have run into an issue that is throwing me off a bit...