1. J

    jails pkg version mismatch

    On my system, pkg within jails seems to complain about the version numbers. I have checked the older posts (mostly from late last year) in this category, but I don't believe they solve my problem. Symptoms: Issuing a pkg update within a jail gave the apparently common error But, doing uname...
  2. spag

    Solved Jails update 11.2 userland vs kernel version

    I did OS upgrade from 11.1 to 11.2 . All went fine... almost as jails are showing wrong userland version now and I cannot upgrade software root@labs02:~ # uname -UK 1102000 1101001 when I try to reinstall software I am getting error: root@labs02:~ # pkg upgrade Updating myrepo repository...
  3. R

    NFS V2/3 stopped working with Debian after upgrade from 10.4 to 11.2

    Hi, I have just upgraded my FreeBSD storage server to 11.2 and to my surprise, I can no longer connect to it from my two Debian clients. (jessie and stretch). My FreeBSD clients connect just fine. When I try to connect, I get the below error: mount.nfs: timeout set for Wed Oct 3 10:44:13...
  4. S

    Critical vmpfw status !!

    Hi, We're using FreeBSD-11.2 and for the first time we're hit by a very critical error which changes all Nginx processes "status" to vmpfw and jam all the processes. We tried performing mentioned below actions to recover from this error but all in vain. This is the error ...