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freebsd 11.0-release-p1

  1. S

    Ownership messed up automatically !!

    Hi, From past few weeks we are experiencing a very unpredictable behaviour from FreeBSD-11 version. Sometimes php-fpm stop working, sometimes grep command stop working and running these commands on terminal outputs the 'Core dumped' error. To fix it, we reboot the server and its get back to...
  2. timypcr

    OpenSSH Update for PCI Compliance

    According to our third-party PCI scanner (conducted by Trustwave) current OpenSSH version is no longer supported. The version of OpenSSH detected is no longer supported by the vendor. No further security patches or upgrades will be released by the vendor for this version, and the vendor will...
  3. S


    Hi, We've been getting net::ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR on mostly chrome when serving video files. In the beginning we thought that issue is with Chrome browser but after testing it further we found that video serving working perfect on Debian but error is only occuring on Freebsd. The way we're...
  4. Rastko


    Greetings Earthlings, I want to give GNUstep a try, but I'm missing TextEdit.app. I tried to compiled the backbone project which includes the app, but it doesn't compile. I've contacted build maintainer who helped me fixed an obvious problem but it still doesn't compile. The app is available...
  5. B

    Solved Unable to detect external monitor

    I have installed FreeBSD with MATA Desktop Environment in my Lenovo X201 i5. Using VGA output, I have DELL 1707FP monitor. When I go to top menu of MATE Desktop and open System > Preferences > Hardware > Displays the external monitor does not show up as expected. uname -a FreeBSD FreeKitty...