1. elgrande

    Other csh bug?

    Is the following intended or a bug in csh? This code results in make being canceled: cd /src make buildkernel & ; exit Why?
  2. T

    Solved Process-shared mutex issues in FreeBSD 12.3?

    I am having timing-specific problems with a process-shared mutex in FreeBSD 12.3; sometimes pthread_mutex_lock or pthread_mutex_unlock will throw an exception. I have seen comments that process-shared mutexes were not supported in some older versions of FreeBSD, but it appears it should be...
  3. Holger

    C Reparenting a child process

    Hi! my situation is as follows: I have a process A with parent S (like in "shell"). Process A spawns a child B. Is it possible for process A to re-parent process B to its own parent (i.e. process S), as if S had been the spawning process? A possible solution (in the C programming language)...