1. chrbr

    XTerm and Others - Change font size but keep geometry

    Dear Community, I am playing with terminals in X11 using x11-wm/twm. Twm is a simple window manager which supports floating windows. The XTerm are configured to use true type fonts. I can place an instance of Xterm with the geometry option. This allows to specify the size of the XTerm in terms...
  2. D

    Solved Fonts changed after installing linux-dwarffortress

    Among other issues I'm having with linux packages, after installing linux-dwarffortress my terminal and web browser fonts have been replaced. In my web browser on some pages, I get text that looks like this: And in Alacritty, it acts as if my terminal font is missing. I use...
  3. sidetone

    Increase terminal font with allscreens?

    How do I increase the terminal font size by using the allscreens variable in rc.conf? In my file, I have allscreens_flags="green" which sets the font to green. If this is put into /boot/loader.conf, will these settings occur sooner during boot up?