1. i-bsd

    Can linux-flashplayer still be installed?

    Unfortunately one of my work websites is still using a stupid flash-dependent analytics page. Is installing flashplayer for Firefox 60+ still possible?
  2. daBee

    FreeBSD Automated Installation/Kernel Module Generation

    Hi folks. Well, having messed with PCs and Raspberry PI 2, considering a Pi Zero, and other potential OS installations, I'd like to inquire about automated Kernel module generations. Essentially, how I can build an environment where an installer can be run (assuming FreeBSD) to install from a...
  3. W

    Need help installing linux-c6-flashplugin11

    I cannot even seem to find a valid port. I am using FreeBSD 10.3 AMD64. I am using Firefix 50.0.2. Could somebody walk me through this?