1. daBee

    Simple Samba LAN Filesharing Tutorial

    Hi folks. I need to set up samba. I reviewed this page here but it didn't get me far as I couldn't create a samba user. I'm assuming the samba documentation is right, but there is no such thing as useradd. Is there a...
  2. daBee

    NFS Sharing of /

    Hi folks. NFS up and running, but the /etc/exports file has me stumped. I want to share the whole / so I inserted this directive: # /etc/exports / -alldirs hq.local /home -alldirs /home/rich/ -network The last 2 directives were added later to see if I...
  3. daBee

    Edit files through FTP

    I'm looking to use FTP as a filesharing system on my LAN. I can mount the volume on my LAN, and can read files, but not write. Is this a permissions issue, or can I provide some directives in a conf file so I can write? Cheers