fibre channel

  1. D

    Other Qle2562 FC HBA Support on FreeBSD 11.3

    Hi Everyone, I am absolutely new with FreeBSD and looking for installing drivers for QLe2562 HBA . Can you help me with installing the drivers for this in FreeBSD 11.3 please. My Adapter details from the host pciconf are pciconf -lv none18@pci0:4:0:0: class=0x0c0400 card=0x015d1077...
  2. brezlord

    Other Fibre Channel LUN masking / LUN-host mapping

    Is there any way to lock a LUN down to a particular initiator or group of initiators. I know you can do port mapping but was hoping that LUN masking would be an option. If it's currently not supported is there any plans to in the future.
  3. S

    Solved ctl fibre channel LUNs not seen by qlogic bios

    Hello, I configured CTL to provide fibre channel LUNS to other computers. Everything works perfectly : the LUNS are accessible to the initiators, they can be partitioned, formatted etc. But there is one exception. In the qlogic bios of the initiators, hitting enter at "Scan Fibre Devices"...