1. Sivan!

    Solved Wordpress on F.A.M.P

    Following the php part of this guide at page (to install required packages for wordpress) from https://www.tecmint.com/install-wordpress-in-freebsd-with-apache/ #changed this to php80# pkg install php71 php71-mysqli mod_php71 php71-mbstring php71-gd php71-json php71-mcrypt php71-zlib php71-curl...
  2. S

    FAMP with Apache 'authnz_ldap' module?

    Hi all. I'm a FreeBSD newbie and trying to set up FAMP to run some web services. I've successfully set up WordPress already for example. But now (for a different service), I need these two apache modules: 'ldap' & 'authnz_ldap' and it seems they are not there after I install using 'pkg...
  3. tcratius


    This is my first time using Freebsd, ever. I have installed RPI3 freebsd 12.0 release on SSD card 15gb, no patches at this stage. My plan at this stage is to install the AMP part on the external hard drive which has been mounted and partitioned (30gb) for this to occur. Now I have read that...
  4. saeedpersa

    Freebsd Blockchain

    Dear Professionals There are more than 10 and counting, Healthcare Centers under my control which are servicing by my product (WebApp) . all of these Centers are Configured by FreeBSD servers. I want to Change my Infrastructure to Blockchain Technology with FreeBSD. How cloud I do that...
  5. P

    FreeNAS to FreeBSD, backups

    Hello, I have used FreeNAS for a number of years, mainly as a remote media server. I know this is bad practice, but I have never really done backups of any kind... Now, I need to setup a public web server that will hold user data. I have already created a FreeBSD jail (FAMP stack) on my...
  6. Itproman

    Solved FAMP -Info.php not decoding

    I followed this tutorial I found doing a search for FAMP and all is well, except for info.php. https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-an-apache-mysql-and-php-famp-stack-on-freebsd-10-1 1) www/apache24: "It works!" (sysutils/webmin sees it (after directory path...