1. Aknot

    Solved Eventually they will find what they are looking for (setting up fail2ban with pf)

    Hello, I got some really valuable help earlier, improving pf rules for a web server, thanks again for that. I want to continue try making the life hard for some malicious beings out there. Example: tcpdump -n -e -ttt -r /var/log/pflog 00:00:03.008672 rule 16/0(match): block in on vmx0...
  2. J

    Other Difference between Fail2ban "jails" and FreeBSD jails

    First off, I am not 100% sure if this question belongs in this forum, or in the general topics (base system) forum. So I'd be grateful if a more knowledgeable admin advised on it. I am reasonably familiar with FreeBSD jails, and I use them often enough (via ezjail). While recently checking out...
  3. larynx

    Log file encoding changing from ASCII to Binary

    I'm running Fail2Ban 0.10.1 on FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE with Nginx running inside a jail. I have Fail2Ban check the Nginx error log file for suspicious activity but the Fail2Ban log file shows a message saying it can't parse some of the lines in the Nginx log file because they're not encoded...
  4. L

    PF Communication between fail2ban and pf fails

    EDIT: the problem is solved Hello, i had used Debian at the last several years and i'm very new to FreeBSD. I tryed to port my configuration for fail2ban from my Debian machines to FreeBSD (with the modification due the firewall has changed). In my testing phase i have found out that the...
  5. cheshirrrrre

    Asterisk + fail2ban + PF

    Hello! I've a strange problem with PF's rules. So, here it is: I've configured fail2ban to guard my asterisk service and added 1 table and 2 rules for PF: table <fail2ban> persist block drop in quick on em1 proto {tcp udp} from <fail2ban> to any block drop in quick on em1 proto {tcp udp} from...