external hdd

  1. Jake0162

    Solved ASM1153E Causing system Lockup?

    Issue: System will lock up on on file transfers(sometimes) to a External USB drive. HDD: Segate IronWolf 4TB, GELI encrypted with ZFS pool on it usb chipset: ASM1153E Memory: 32GB DDR4 PNY CPU: Ryzen 5 Pro 2400GE Description: External USB 3.1 drive using ASM1153E IC will lock up the entire...
  2. Sergei_Shablovsky

    ZFS Complete tool for automated backups to Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure

    Hi FreeBSD Gurus! Please suggest me tool (ready-to-use package with webGUI for tuning and operation, would be perfect) to automate/schedule backup (whole ZFS drive or part of it) on the fly to cloud drive like AWS. Ability to making backup on external mass storage (USB/SATA/FC-connected) would...
  3. Hastur

    ZFS How do I make sure usb external disks added without raid to zpool are properly seen by the system?

    Last time I tried this, I had trouble where the box would not boot. I think the device id of the usb external disks changes on reboot. I wonder if this is solved by plugging all the external drives in and rebooting before I add anything. Should there be a way that ZFS just knows which drive is...
  4. tcratius


    This is my first time using Freebsd, ever. I have installed RPI3 freebsd 12.0 release on SSD card 15gb, no patches at this stage. My plan at this stage is to install the AMP part on the external hard drive which has been mounted and partitioned (30gb) for this to occur. Now I have read that...