1. H

    RPI4 spigen - achieving higher throughput - mcp3912

    Hello, OS: FreeBSD:13.2-Release Driver: spigen-rpi4 The issue: With 5MHz SPI clock the communication RPI<->mcp3912 is established smooth. After increasing the speed to 10MHz, data is very random/incorrect. The SPI devices supports SPI clock to 20MHz. Verification scenario is very short...
  2. cederom

    FreeBSD on VisionFive2 board with RISC-V RV64GC StarFive JH7110 SoC

    Hello world :-) I just got my VisionFive2 board (powerful rPI like with RISC-V CPU)! :-) Here are the details: https://www.waveshare.com/wiki/VisionFive2 Onboard RV64GC ISA Quad-core 64-bit JH7110 SoC, operating frequency up to 1.5GHz, VisionFive 2 supports OpenCL 3.0, OpenGL ES 3.2, and...
  3. kodcode

    Recommended dev board for beginners

    Hello, which dev board would you recommend to a beginner looking into FreeBSD embedded? Thanks.
  4. devtop

    Is it possible to have a minimal source tree?

    I'm currently working on a embedded project, and i'm trying to understand if it's possible to have a small /usr/src tree. This source tree only has to contain the FreeBSD bootloader, kernel, kernel-modules, because the embedded application will replace /sbin/init. So is is possible to have a...
  5. alfa

    RTL8153B Gbit interface not loading FreeBSD 13.0 ALPHA2 installed RK3328 board

    Hi, i have installed FreeBSD 13.0 ALPHA2 ROCK64 on Orange Pi R1 Plus but RTL8153B is not loading. When i typed ifconfig there is only dwc0 interface(RTL8211E) and also FreeBSD is recognizing double RTL8211 phy devices so that what is the my problem? any help would be appreciated root@generic:~...
  6. alfa

    Solved FreeBSD Kernel PANIC >> OrangePi-R1-Plus (RK3328 AARCH64 )

    Hi, I am trying to boot FreeBSD 13.0-CURRENT on RK3328 based new OrangePi R1 Plus (seems like clone of NanoPi R2s) So I tried @ganbold 's FreeBSD image and official aarch64 images on it but I had kernel panic all of them. I could not find u-boot for FreeBSD supported OrangePi r1 plus rk3328. I...
  7. Mac_a

    Mount zfs pool on Nanobsd

    I'm new to Nanobsd, built with Feebsd 12 (compile Generic kernel all modules), everything run as expected, now I intend to build a zfs pool, but being a filesystem (ro) it is not possible, I think of a link to /var or /etc., but I'm not sure it would be the ideal way out. I also didn't find...
  8. E

    How do I make my device driver respond to lseek?

    Hi, I've been trying to figure out how to make my device driver respond to lseek. There doesn't seem to be an appropriate entry in the cdevsw structure (in src/sys/sys/conf.h). Obviously I can make an ioctl call for this, but I'd like to do it it the right way. FWIW, this is a device...
  9. B

    RISC-V chip with USB to serial

    I wanted to do a little test application based on the SiFive RISC-V microcontroller so I ordered some of those chips. I didn't order the PCB because I don't think that's necessary from my project, I just want to put it on a breadboard to get power and do some small tests, plus that's extra...
  10. N

    An Embedded pfsense-like distribution

    Hello, I want to create a mini-distribution for MIPS or ARM based low-RAM low-ROM devices based on FreeBSD. It will be like pfsense. I will provide a way people to use FreeBSD's features without knowing much about FreeBSD. Still they will be able to reach the command line if they want to. But...