1. marschro

    FreeBSD 13.1 on Amazon Web Service without ZFS?

    Hi all, I started an EC2 Instance on AWS using this AMI: FreeBSD 13.1 AMI But what I get is a FreeBSD with freebsd-ufs and not with zfs. Has anyone experience or an idea how to get the latest FreeBSD with ZFS running on Amazon EC2 ? kind regards, Martin
  2. rafael_grether

    Solved Swap - Is it still really necessary?

    Hello guys, I have some conceptual questions. First of all, on average servers, would swap really be necessary? Or does FreeBSD already handle memory pressure so well that it doesn't need to be swapped? I don't know why, but FreeBSD Server Instances on Amazon EC2 have no swap. On NAS devices...
  3. rafael_grether

    Solved Best Jail management tool (new private IP address is needed?)

    Hello all, I have a FreeBSD 13 on AWS EC2. I will install the Matrix homeserver (synapse), but for security reasons, I will do it in a Jail. And I plan to have another Jail for other service as well (like IRC Server). What is the best Jail Management Tool in your opinion? Iocage? The second...
  4. P

    How to connect a FreeBSD jail to the internet? (Amazon EC2)

    I am running a FreeBSD EC2 instance with a single jail. In a regular homebrew setup, I would create a jail in "shared IP" (iocage) mode, and configure my router to forward various ports to the jail. In EC2, I am not sure whether to share the public IP or assign a new one. I created a new...
  5. P

    UFS Resizing partitions for EC2 FreeBSD instance without reboot

    I modified the volume size for a partition on AWS Console and it does not show up in gpart show. It does show up after the reboot. Am I missing any steps here or is reboot required for FreeBSD 11.0 instances in this case? Can we do a service restart or something that can avoid reboot? Before...
  6. F

    NFS client hangs all the time when I enter large directory

    Hi All, I have been facing a strange problem on AWS, where I created a large FreeBSD NFS server, with the below configuration. My throughput to writing a file is 600-800 Mbps and reading files are much higher. I have no issues with throughput, but the problem is with while accessing a folder...
  7. Rafal Lukawiecki

    Opinions requested: FreeBSD on AWS EC2 vs Amazon Linux etc

    As a relative newcomer to FreeBSD, but something of a lapsed veteran of the Unix/System V era, I am curious about returning to my Unix roots by running FreeBSD in the Amazon and/or Azure clouds. My company online training business will be upgrading soon, and we have an option, one that arises...
  8. uchman

    Updating to 11.1-RELEASE failed on EC2

    Hi! I have a few machines running on Amazon cloud (EC2) and I was going to update them to 11.1 today. But all of them hangs in the loader after the upgrade. (If I install a new machine with 11.0 and then updates it works just fine. But my old machines hangs). I noticed this problem already in...
  9. S

    Netmap in EC2

    Hello, all! I've been playing around with netmap successfully on various local machines but am having difficulties on EC2, specifically with FreeBSD 11. Using Collin Percival's 10.3 AMI, I'm able to add the netmap device, rebuild the kernel, and run netmap samples liked "bridge.c" However...
  10. M

    Startup hosting and sleeping well (encryption)

    I’ve never been in a server room from which I could not steal a random hard drive without getting caught, if I wanted. I have been in server hosting companies’ rooms in more than one countries. Should I find one that employs guards with machine guns, still there is a point from which it isn’t...
  11. arenoir

    Multiple public network interfaces not accessable on Amazon EC2/VPC

    Is it possible to have a Amazon EC2 instance attach to multiple VPC interfaces? I currently have 3 VPC interfaces with public ip address attached to a FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE instance. The configuration looks good and appears to be quite flexible. However I can only ping the public address of the...
  12. A

    FreeBSD EzJail EC2

    Hi Everyone I'm currently trying to setup Jails via EzJail on a couple of AWS EC2 instances. One is running 10.1 and the other is 10.2 (both running RELEASE). When I try to start a Jail I get the following error on both machines: ezjail-admin start db Starting jails: cannot start jail...
  13. R

    Solved Cannot connect to my remote HTTP server

    I have installed a FreeBSD10 instance on Amazon EC2. By using pkg I have also installed nodejs, npm. I have put a simple HTTP server code in my directory: /usr/ec2-user/app1/index.js with code: var koa = require('koa');// is an http app framework var app = koa(); app.use(function * () {...