UFS Resizing partitions for EC2 FreeBSD instance without reboot


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I modified the volume size for a partition on AWS Console and it does not show up in gpart show. It does show up after the reboot. Am I missing any steps here or is reboot required for FreeBSD 11.0 instances in this case? Can we do a service restart or something that can avoid reboot?

Before reboot:

=> 3 20971509 ada0 GPT (10G)
3 125 1 freebsd-boot (63K)
128 20971384 2 freebsd-ufs (10G)

After reboot:

=> 3 20971509 ada0 GPT (40G) [CORRUPT]
3 125 1 freebsd-boot (63K)
128 20971384 2 freebsd-ufs (10G)



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Sorry you didn't get a reply here and it's sad this forum is so useless. In the past there used to be a

camcontrol rescan all

and that would pick up hardware changes. That probably still works for devices on a SCSI bus. But apparently those EBS devices are not SCSI emulation.

They are xenbus devices, and I don't see a man page for the xbd device driver or anything xen related other than

man 4 xen

But it has no see also links to any utilities to control this device. I can do

devinfo -p xbd0
xbd0 xenbusb_front0 xenstore0 xenpv0 nexus0

but when I can't rescan or do anything with these device names with devctl then:

devctl rescan xbd0
devctl: Failed to rescan xbd0: Device not configured

So I just don't know how to trigger a rescan. There is one thing I can do, i.e., raw write the first block to itself, that used to get the kernel to refresh partition tables.

dd if=/dev/xbd0 count=1 of=/dev/xbd0
dd: /dev/xbd0: Operation not permitted

so it didn't work either.

It's annoying. I don't want to reboot. Uptime 81 days.