1. aragats

    U-boot, EFI and device tree

    FreeBSD 12 for ARM comes with EFI/BOOT/bootarm.efi on FAT partition. It works fine with the main line u-boot, which is great. However, it's very critical to FDT (.dtb*) files, if doesn't like it, it gets stuck atKernel entry at 0x... .... relocation_offset 0We have device tree sources (.dts...
  2. Nicola Mingotti

    Warning: FreeBSD not booting in BeagleBone Green

    Hi guys, I just made a coupole of test trying to boot FreeBSD-11.1 and FreeBSD-CURRENT-7-march-2018 into a BeagleBone Green. It does not boot. I attach two screenshots. The problem seems to be the Device Tree Blob. I guess this should be sent to developers in CURRENT at least, do you know...