drivers for wireless card

  1. K

    configuring wifi and network drivers for 13.0 on a macbook

    I recently installed FreeBSD 13.0 BETA2 on a macbook pro of 2015. I faced an issue in the installation process, where I couldnt configure the IPV4 because there were no configurations for this interface. I have been following the handbook but it seems that I do not completely understand it...
  2. N

    Configuring Ralink wireless device

    How can I configure Ralink rt3290 wifi adapter device for wifi connection?
  3. I

    Need help installing driver!

    Hey, i'm a noob to FreeBSD and just got done with my 13th install. Finally got kde working but i need help getting this driver. link to driver: This is the right driver, on every linux install that gave me driver trouble i had, this was the one. Please help...
  4. usernamekiran

    How to configure killer wireless-ac 1535?

    Hello. I have a wireless card which is shown as "killer wireless-n/a/ac ac 1535" in device manager of windows 10. I read through handbook, and searched online (including this forum), but results were not much helpful. How do I do it? I am using FreeBSD 11.1, and XFCE. Thanks a lot in...