drivers for wireless card

  1. M

    Integrating code with msleep into code with mutexes (AR9271 driver)

    Hello FreeBSD community! As you can see here:, we are developing the AR9271 USB driver. We want to integrate it with an existing ATH driver. Existing ATH driver uses PCI communication, which is fast and doesn't require...
  2. D

    How to setup Network on Dell Latitude E5420?

    Hey y'all, I'm new to BSD and have just installed FreeBSD and KDE Plasma on my Dell Latitude E5420. My wifi is not working, but LAN is. I've read that my wifi card is not supported by FreeBSD (Broadcom) but that it could possible to create the drivers myself using XP drivers and ndisscvt. I...
  3. K

    configuring wifi and network drivers for 13.0 on a macbook

    I recently installed FreeBSD 13.0 BETA2 on a macbook pro of 2015. I faced an issue in the installation process, where I couldnt configure the IPV4 because there were no configurations for this interface. I have been following the handbook but it seems that I do not completely understand it...
  4. N

    Configuring Ralink wireless device

    How can I configure Ralink rt3290 wifi adapter device for wifi connection?
  5. I

    Need help installing driver!

    Hey, i'm a noob to FreeBSD and just got done with my 13th install. Finally got kde working but i need help getting this driver. link to driver: This is the right driver, on every linux install that gave me driver trouble i had, this was the one. Please help...
  6. usernamekiran

    How to configure killer wireless-ac 1535?

    Hello. I have a wireless card which is shown as "killer wireless-n/a/ac ac 1535" in device manager of windows 10. I read through handbook, and searched online (including this forum), but results were not much helpful. How do I do it? I am using FreeBSD 11.1, and XFCE. Thanks a lot in...