1. T

    Downgrade to earlier version after install the Openldap server

    Can I install earlier version of Openldap server to my jail host since My jail system is version 10.3? but I have install openldap version 2.4.46.
  2. F

    Php 56 on FreeBSD12

    Hi guys! I still need to use php56 for my whmcs website because modules are encoded for php5 and I don't have idea how to install it on FreeBSD 12. Actually I need a way to downgrade pkg for latest version of php5. Thank you!
  3. P

    Downgrading from 11.1 to 10.3

    I'd like to downgrade from 11.1 back to 10.3. I feel 10.3 booted faster and had better support for Xorg based desktops I used freebsd-ugrade if that helps
  4. P

    Downgrading Xorg

    Hello I recently upgraded from 10.3 to 11.1 and ever since my Xfce desktop has been behaving like a drunk laggard. Things like multiple chrome windows with a few tabs on each (say 5 to 7) causes the desktop to slow down considerably. Some websites do not even open now taking forever until I...
  5. aragats

    Downgrade from FreeBSD 12.0

    I was using FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT for a year - updating it from time to time. Yesterday I decided to update /usr/src and build world. However, I didn't realized that it's going to pull FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT. Anyway, everything went fine, and I have a working system. What is the proper way to...