dos emulation

  1. B

    IBM PS/2 P70

    I just came across a video about how to repair an IBM PS/2 P70 which I bought many years ago, although I was unable to get it to boot up when I last tried several months ago. If I manage to get it fixed after watching this video, is the any chance I might get FreeBSD installed on it? View...
  2. K

    Solved mmap full access to the first megabyte for DOS mode

    Hello, Is it possible to grant full access to the first megabyte of memory for DOS mode? I'm looking for the FreeBSD equivalent of what is # sysctl -w vm.mmap_min_addr="0" in Linux. For context, I'm trying to run an old Windows program in Wine. It gives me the following error message...
  3. sidetone

    Game clones and similar games has an extensive list of opensource game clones. These are not all available on FreeBSD ports. Most of the games from are in ports. A few screenshots of clones and similar games running on...
  4. P

    FreeBSD and DOS emulation

    At one point in time, FreeBSD had DOS emulation included as a feature. I'm not sure exactly when that was lost. I think the doscmd port failed to compile beginning with FreeBSD 10. In any case, the loss of this functionality is really a terrible loss for FreeBSD. I know some will say that DOSBox...
  5. Phishfry

    Can Bhyve run a DOS VM

    I need a DOS shell from time to time for firmware flashing tools. Is it possible to create a FreeDOS VM on Bhyve?
  6. B

    Creating a PC-DOS bootable USB stick

    I'm trying to create a bootable USB stick which has PC-DOS 2000 installed on it, and can't find an option for creating it. So I came up with the idea of using gpart to format the USB stick as FAT16 and then install the MBR... Once that is done I should be able to copy the PC-DOS files and be...
  7. B

    How to create a DOS-bootable gpt partition

    I'm attempting to boot DOS from a gpt ms-basic-data type partition. I have dd'ed a FREEDOS img to the partition and attempted to load it using grub chainloader. The result is: partition signature !=55AA Is what I'm attempting actually doable?
  8. z33

    How to install a dos or windows base FreeBSD?

    Hi guys, I have a PC only installed FreeBSD5.5 and I need install a dos or windows, but I don't have a cdrom, and my PC cannot boot from USB. How I can do this? Thanks, Jacky
  9. W

    Can you help me please???

    Hello! I'm a 12 year old boy. I now only DOS programming in Pascal and BASIC for ZX and I've wanted to switch to Linux... But I used it for some time but that installation/compile stuff is horror and then I remembered of BSD and ports... Can anybody tell me how to use ports??? I know use PCBSD...