1. Avery Freeman

    SAMBA AD: Getent passwd doesn't return domain users

    Update 5/31/2018: Please skip to end of thread for how I solved this on-going problem I had been having for several months Hi, I'm new to the thread and fairly new to FreeBSD, plus I'm coming over from FreeNAS, so please bare with me (I understand the animosity). I'll try to include as much...
  2. C

    FreeBSD for "Mainserver" of small company

    Hi all, I have been tasked with setting up a new server to replace a 10+ year old Apple Mac Server which has been running as the "Mainserver" for a small company I work at. This Mac server performs various server roles, including DHCP, DNS, and most importantly, file serving. We have roughly...
  3. C

    Can't connect to FreeBSD10.2 guest from Win10 host

    Greetings! I have set up FreeBSD 10.2 as a guest OS in VirtualBox with my Windows 10 host. I am using bridged mode for networking. I have already set up ddclient to update my dynamic IP address with my domain name and I can successfully connect to from a browser or ssh from all...