1. M

    Recommended approach to host / domain blocking?

    I'm currently using hblock with Arch Linux on my laptop: and now I'm wondering what the recommended approach for something like this could be when using FreeBSD. What comes to mind: Simply stick to using a hosts file Use a DNS resolver like unbound with a blocklist Use a DNS proxy like...
  2. G

    dnscrypt resolver on and

    I have dnscrypt running. That is the good part. The plan is to get the resolver running on then use unbound to set up resolver on for openvpn. Here is the problem. Though I set up dnscrypt to use, which does work, it also works on, which will conflict with...
  3. Russell Rinaldi

    Howto Raspberry pi 3 dnscrypt-proxy, unbound Caching DNS and DHCP Server

    This how-to assumes that you are a somewhat experienced FreeBSD user, and understand how to use dd carefully to avoid data loss. It also assumes that you are able to restore your system to a working configuration if anything goes wrong. There is a Synopsis/Condensed Version below for the...