1. jdb

    Solved Pi-hole alternative

    Hey guys :) I am currently searching a Pi-hole alternative... Are there any alternatives supporting FreeBSD? Thanks in advance!
  2. aragats

    Dynamic DNS for a large number of clients

    Hi folks, Would you please recommend a good DNS software suitable to setup a Dynamic DNS server for a large number of clients (like 2000-3000)? Currently I'm using dns/maradns for personal purposes, but I'm doubting it's a good choice for a commercial project. Thanks for advises!
  3. Chris_H

    how to best run a master and recursive DNS on same box?

    This question really feels like it belongs in the Network fourm. But the description for Services indicates it belongs here. So here goes... OK I've run a single DNS to provide recursive queries for all the local servers. Which are all DNS Masters/SOA's for a multitude of domains. But traffic...
  4. Duffyx

    DDNS client that support dual stack

    Hello, I'm looking for a DDNS client that support both A and AAAA record updating. Does anyone use a working client that supports this? Or am I wrong about the solutions below and I just didn't set it up correctly? - dns/ddclient -> ipv4 only - dns/inadyn -> ipv4 only - dns/noip -> ipv4 only
  5. J

    Samba dns_update error

    Urgent help... When I run the samba_service service, I get the error "Failed dns update - with error code 29"
  6. epopen

    Solved DNS server ISC BIND 9.12 won't query via TCP

    Hi All. My server using dns/bind912 provide domain name resolve service (Domain name: epopen.com, DNS server: dns.epopen.com) Nearly new feature(package) added, it update DNS zone TXT record via TCP( dns.query.tcp() @ python) . But it won't work. Bind listen TCP port confirmed by sockstat...
  7. jdb

    Solved [ jail ] problems with DNS resolving/networking...

    Hi, I'm new to FreeBSD and jails... and I have difficulties with setting up networking inside a jail. The jail management utility I use is ezjail. I tried different utilities (iocage, qjail, cbsd etc.) but without success. My host system: FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p10 #0: Tue May 8 05:21:56 UTC...
  8. goshanecr

    unbound "sendto failed: No buffer space available"

    Good day! I have a FreeBSD 11.1 amd64 box as router for about 300 users. On that server works unbound (from system, not ports) as resolver for network. And in /var/log/messages I such messages: Jan 30 11:29:10 MAIN-GATE unbound: [59552:2] notice: sendto failed: No buffer space available Jan 30...
  9. fullauto2012

    Solved Bind not serving zone

    Got a split-horizon DNS going with 3 zones. The other 2 are working flawlessly. However the new zone I just added will not be found. root@gateway:/usr/local/etc/namedb # uname -a FreeBSD gateway 10.3-RELEASE FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE #0 r297264: Fri Mar 25 02:10:02 UTC 2016...
  10. MMacD

    Setting up DNS alias records

    Apologies if this should be in the ports (I'm using nsd) or networking sections; please feel free to move it, if so. I want both "momcat" and "www" to resolve to the same IP ( at present). If I'm right (please correct me if I'm not!), this should resolve correctly in the forward...
  11. S

    Solved Spotty DNS Performance

    I have been having irregular DNS performance issues and have been unable to diagnose or correct them. It appears my (new-ish) router has its own DNS server settings with the primary pointed to an address in Dubai, UAE, and the secondary at Google's primary DNS. I'm in Colorado, USA. I can change...
  12. L

    Restarting Services

    OK, I know this is very simple, or at least it should be, so apologies. I am running bind DNS. I made a change to the config file and now want to restart/reload the service. There is a script called 'named' in /usr/local/etc/rc.d. I tried service named restart and service named stop and...
  13. J

    Solved This file was generated by local-unbound-setup

    Hello, I run a server who was automatically set up by OVH. The /etc/rc.conf contains the line local_unbound_enable="YES" There is no unbound_enable="YES" in the /etc/rc.conf, and the unbound service is not running. (Edit: Well, actually, I don't know. # service unbound status Cannot...
  14. D

    IPFW Is DNS hijacking possible on FreeBSD + IPFW?

    Hi All! I need to redirect all dns queries to local dns server (unbound) on router with FreeBSD 11 amd + ipfw nat. re0 - intranet [] alias on re0 for unbound [] re1 - internet [a.b.c.d] I try in various ways: ${FW} fwd,53 all from to not 53...

    Postfix - does not resolve a new revDNS entry

    Hello! I have a strange problem. My postfix does not resolve one of the IP address to domain name. So, in such case mail is dropped. Restarting the postfix does not help. host command from this OS resolves this IP correctly. I don't use any DNS server on this machine. Where can be a problem...
  16. Russell Rinaldi

    Howto Raspberry pi 3 dnscrypt-proxy, unbound Caching DNS and DHCP Server

    This how-to assumes that you are a somewhat experienced FreeBSD user, and understand how to use dd carefully to avoid data loss. It also assumes that you are able to restore your system to a working configuration if anything goes wrong. Because this set up utilizes RaspBSD.org's...
  17. Rhadamanthys

    Solved block youtube unbound

    Searching this forum I've seen a number of ways to block youtube using ubound DNS. Problem is, it seems the methods are outdated. When I try the "local-zone "something" static" thing, I receive a syntax error upon trying restart the service. I'm on FreeBSD 11 and using dns/unbound. Can someone...
  18. U

    Unbound intermittently slow with @localhost

    I'm just setting up an unbound server as a local resolver for our network. I'm not really seeing any actual issues but when running lookups from localhost, it's a bit disconcerting that the lookup sometimes hangs for over 10 seconds before finally returning a response. Even with the delay, the...

    OpenDKIM does not use my own name servers

    I use OpenDKIM and it works ok. I pnly have a problem with verifing incoming mails. opendkim[]: key retrieval failed (s=20161025, d=gmail.com): '20161025._domainkey.gmail.com' unexpected reply class/type (-1/-1) The following command works s I'm able to verify DNS entries from the server. host...
  20. C

    FreeBSD for "Mainserver" of small company

    Hi all, I have been tasked with setting up a new server to replace a 10+ year old Apple Mac Server which has been running as the "Mainserver" for a small company I work at. This Mac server performs various server roles, including DHCP, DNS, and most importantly, file serving. We have roughly...