1. N

    local-unbound cannot query LAN resolver

    I'm running a new installation of 12.1-RELEASE and enabled local-unbound. The service works well, except I cannot query machines through the local-unbound to the resolver running elsewhere on my network. Those queries return SERVFAIL. I'm running the configuration as it comes from the...
  2. reddy

    (Bind Nameserver) Looking For CLI Tool to Ease Management of Zone Files

    I would like to set up an authoritative DNS server using BIND for corporate use. I find the syntax of the zone files quite verbose so I am wondering if someone is aware of a CLI tool that somehow eases the management of these zone files. Any idea or pointer would be greatly appreciated 😀
  3. B

    samba-4.10.15 AD DC dynamic DNS updates fail

    I am trying to discover hold to eliminate this error when running samba_dnsupdate . . . recvmsg reply from GSS-TSIG query ;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 13304 ;; flags: qr ra; QUESTION: 1, ANSWER: 1, AUTHORITY: 0, ADDITIONAL: 1 ;; QUESTION SECTION...
  4. judd

    Solved PKG boots to install it and I can't continue to update.

    I just installed FreeBSD 12.1 and I cannot install the pkg tool any more than I can do a # pkg and # pkg update, as data below in the screenshot: https://postimg.cc/62wXgBCY Thanks in advance.
  5. A

    pkg -j first _jail install does not work

    Hi All, I am new to jail and am learning; I have created few jails, root@FreeBSD113:~ # jls JID IP Address Hostname Path 1 y_jail /usr/jails/y_jail 2 firts_jls...
  6. rphanikrishna

    Promiscuous Mode ?

    Hi All, I have some log messages which says "kernel: em0: promiscuous mode disabled" and enabled again, Am only running Unbound DNS resolver in my Freebsd 12.1 release p5. If it is not recomended to change the status can you explain me how to fix the state of promiscuous mode.
  7. R

    Samba411 auto-update DNS zone

    Tell me please I have: FreeBSD 11.3 , Samba411 , bind911 I started the domain, it works. How to do auto-update DNS zone? SO: 1) Add a line to /usr/local/etc/namedb/named.conf tkey-gssapi-keytab "/var/db/samba4/bind-dns/dns.keytab"; 2) Do I need a samba-nsupdate program? Or not?
  8. vandykmarsu

    Solved Pihole DNS

    Hi dear BSD user's!! Have a big trouble with my Pihole, i can't add my Pi DNS as default nameserver. Running under FreeBSD 12.1 Stable Mate Desktop. Searching issue since 2 days, and nothing found to solve it! Works fine under Windows and Mac. Have any one some ideas? :oops:
  9. W

    Solved Problems with Bind 9.11 LTS after lastest update 01/2020

    Trying update my FreeBSD boxes, today have found an problem with dns/bind911/. Does not matter if using make install or portmaster always the error occour's: /usr/local/include/json/config.h:8:10: fatal error: 'cstdef' file not found #include <cstddef> Looking on pkg, dns/bind911/ 9.11.14...
  10. M

    Recommended approach to host / domain blocking?

    I'm currently using hblock with Arch Linux on my laptop: and now I'm wondering what the recommended approach for something like this could be when using FreeBSD. What comes to mind: Simply stick to using a hosts file Use a DNS resolver like unbound with a blocklist Use a DNS proxy like...
  11. D

    SRV records with NSD and Unbound

    Hi All, I am trying to create SRV records in the NSD zonefile for network services. Is this possible with NSD and Unbound running on FreeBSD 11.2? The format I am using looks like this: ;SRV Records _cisco._tcp IN SRV 10 10 5060 cpub.example.com. _login._tcp...
  12. S

    installing bind 9.14.3

    hi recently i installed bind 9.14.3 on freebsd 11 i wanna use this as a local dns server and forward another queries to the internet. i've just installed bind with PKG command and when i looked at /var there is no named directory for creating zone and it installed on /usr/local/etc/namedb. is...
  13. aragats

    Solved SSH doesn't honor "files dns" anymore?

    I'm using /etc/hosts to resolve several local hosts for ages, but recently discovered that now (FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE-p3) ssh tries to resolve them via DNS first which causes huge delays. I couldn't find any specific setting for that. Am I missing anything? Thanks for advises!
  14. W

    Tls to unbound possible?

    Hi guys, i am wondering if i can setup my unbound to serve as dns over tls. It will serve as full recursive mode. The reason why i wanna do that so i can use unbound outside my local network, eg: on the road mobile. I am aware that i can setup unbound to forward queries to 3rd party dns server...
  15. NapoleonWils0n

    unbound external nameserver

    Hi All I have unbound running on my laptop. When I booted up today I couldn't resolve any hosts. Finally figured out it was the resolv.conf. I had to uncomment the external google nameserver to resolve any hosts. So my resolv.conf now looks like this # Generated by resolvconf search...
  16. P

    Network issues on newly installed system

    Hi all, first-time poster and freebsd noob here, just installed my first system and am having some difficulties. When booting up the network is not automatically enabled. In fact the network interface seems to be down with ifconfig showing status: no carrier. By manually doing ifconfig ix0 up...
  17. R

    Set up freebsd as a home router, and can't get dns to work properly

    I set up the system to function as a router using isc-dhcpd, pf, and was going to use unbound to send encrypted dns requests to Cloudflare's, but I can't even get it to work without that yet. As it is, when I access a website from my pc connected to the router, the websites don't...
  18. jdb

    Solved Pi-hole alternative

    Hey guys :) I am currently searching a Pi-hole alternative... Are there any alternatives supporting FreeBSD? Thanks in advance!
  19. aragats

    Dynamic DNS for a large number of clients

    Hi folks, Would you please recommend a good DNS software suitable to setup a Dynamic DNS server for a large number of clients (like 2000-3000)? Currently I'm using dns/maradns for personal purposes, but I'm doubting it's a good choice for a commercial project. Thanks for advises!
  20. Chris_H

    how to best run a master and recursive DNS on same box?

    This question really feels like it belongs in the Network fourm. But the description for Services indicates it belongs here. So here goes... OK I've run a single DNS to provide recursive queries for all the local servers. Which are all DNS Masters/SOA's for a multitude of domains. But traffic...