1. LarryFahnoe

    14.0 DMA doesn't include gecos in From: headers

    I've just installed a 14.0 system and chose to use the new default MTA DragonFly Mail Agent as this should be perfect for this system. I have configured it for remote delivery via SMARTHOST. I have noticed however that the From: headers only include the e-mail address, and not the gecos field...
  2. byrnejb

    Solved bash - cannot find a mailer (dma)

    I am running a bash script that contains these statements: MAILER="/usr/sbin/sendmail -t" # -t get To:, CC:, and BCC:, from message . . . local _mailer_return=$(cat "${_msg_file_name}" | "${MAILER}") # <<== this is the error, using a variable instead of a literal...
  3. H

    FreeBSD 13.0: Observing corruption in SGL

    Hello , In freeBSD 13.0, while running IO with blocksize 1MB observed corruption in SGL received. Ran IO with FIO (version 3.28)IO tool. Command used : fio --filename=/dev/da0: -direct=1 -iodepth=32 -ioengine=posixaio -rw=randrw -bs=1024k -numjobs=8 -runtime=30 -group_reporting -name=stress...