disk partitioning

  1. abdelilah

    Solved I can't expand my root partition

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to expand my root partition but can't do it, I tried gpart, I also tried deleting the swap partition and adding more space, here is the result : root@appserver:~ # gpart show => 63 83886017 ada0 MBR (40G) 63 1 - free - (512B) 64...
  2. T

    ZFS ZFS reported space

    Hi, I have a Netgate 6100 pfSense appliance with ZFS. Everything is working fine and I know there is nothing wrong here but I am just trying to understand how the space is reported by each of the tools. diskinfo reports 477GB in bytes and the pfSense zpool list is 472GB. Where are the missing 5...
  3. lifepillar

    ZFS Storage layout strategy with disks of unequal size

    I've got a machine with one 1TB HD, and I have a spare 3TB HD. In the short-term, but not immediately, I plan to buy a 6–10TB HD, and in the medium-term I think to replace my current 3TB HD with another 6-10TB HD. I want to install FreeBSD with ZFS. What storage layout strategy do you recommend...
  4. S

    ZFS type of hard disks names support by freebsd

    I have written zfs install script for custom partitions. but we have a challenge in the current script it will detect hard disks type(as primary disk) like ada*(iso) and vtbd*(cloud server like digital ocean) since we came across these type of disks only. but when we install OS with custom...
  5. J

    UFS Installing a new operating system using DD

    Hello, I've tried using FreeBSD but due to a lot of unsupported software and a few strange interactions with my CPU I simply wish to install another operating system. On Linux this would be easy, just use 'dd if=myiso.iso of=/dev/sdb (my ssd partition)'. However, when I tried to do this on...
  6. N

    Solved unable to create more than 6 partitions using mfsbsd (UFS/GPT)

    Hi, I am trying to configure FreeBSD 11.1 auto installation using the mfsbsd utility, Auto installation works fine when I define 6 partitions but when I try to configure more than 6 partitions then it failed with no space available index '9' While checking the mfsbsd scripts do_gpt.sh under...
  7. B

    Problem unknown with pkg

    So, the problem is that my FBSD installation broke down. That happened why one night, I ran pkg upgrade -f I have no idea why, but when I woke up, FreeBSD was, literally, ruined. The system was in a kind of state which is unknown for me. It was stopped in the lines that warn of all connected...
  8. Jay F. Shachter

    Other What happened to /dev/ada1s* ?

    Esteemed Colleagues: A couple weeks ago I began a thread on this forum ("Three Questions About Filesystems") in which I asked 3 questions. The 1st one I answered myself, the other 2 remain unanswered, and if you have a moment to check them out it would be appreciated. But that is not the...