disk partitioning

  1. lifepillar

    ZFS Storage layout strategy with disks of unequal size

    I've got a machine with one 1TB HD, and I have a spare 3TB HD. In the short-term, but not immediately, I plan to buy a 6–10TB HD, and in the medium-term I think to replace my current 3TB HD with another 6-10TB HD. I want to install FreeBSD with ZFS. What storage layout strategy do you recommend...
  2. S

    ZFS type of hard disks names support by freebsd

    I have written zfs install script for custom partitions. but we have a challenge in the current script it will detect hard disks type(as primary disk) like ada*(iso) and vtbd*(cloud server like digital ocean) since we came across these type of disks only. but when we install OS with custom...
  3. J

    UFS Installing a new operating system using DD

    Hello, I've tried using FreeBSD but due to a lot of unsupported software and a few strange interactions with my CPU I simply wish to install another operating system. On Linux this would be easy, just use 'dd if=myiso.iso of=/dev/sdb (my ssd partition)'. However, when I tried to do this on...
  4. N

    Solved unable to create more than 6 partitions using mfsbsd (UFS/GPT)

    Hi, I am trying to configure FreeBSD 11.1 auto installation using the mfsbsd utility, Auto installation works fine when I define 6 partitions but when I try to configure more than 6 partitions then it failed with no space available index '9' While checking the mfsbsd scripts do_gpt.sh under...
  5. B

    Problem unknown with pkg

    So, the problem is that my FBSD installation broke down. That happened why one night, I ran pkg upgrade -f I have no idea why, but when I woke up, FreeBSD was, literally, ruined. The system was in a kind of state which is unknown for me. It was stopped in the lines that warn of all connected...
  6. Jay F. Shachter

    Other What happened to /dev/ada1s* ?

    Esteemed Colleagues: A couple weeks ago I began a thread on this forum ("Three Questions About Filesystems") in which I asked 3 questions. The 1st one I answered myself, the other 2 remain unanswered, and if you have a moment to check them out it would be appreciated. But that is not the...