1. Ishayahu

    Solved isc-dhcp44-server offer different subnet addresses for different interfaces

    I have one physical interface and some vlans: I want to set up my isc-dhcp44-server to give ip from to requests from vlan3, to requests from vlan4 and some addresses to requests from default vlan1 How should I do it in config files?
  2. Russell Rinaldi

    Howto Raspberry pi 3 dnscrypt-proxy, unbound Caching DNS and DHCP Server

    This how-to assumes that you are a somewhat experienced FreeBSD user, and understand how to use dd carefully to avoid data loss. It also assumes that you are able to restore your system to a working configuration if anything goes wrong. There is a Synopsis/Condensed Version below for the...
  3. `Orum

    Deny dhcp assignment on certain subnets, fixed address on others?

    I've been poring over the dhcpd.conf man page, trying to figure out what is the correct way to give a client a fixed address when it connects to one or more subnet(s), and ignore any lease requests if it's on any other subnet. Based on what I've read, I think this is the correct configuration...