1. K

    PF Allow DHCP within PF

    In terms of PF rules (enabled, actively running in my VPS), which way is the best way to allow a DHCP server (of my VPS provider) connect&define an IP to my VPS without any prevention? 1- pass quick proto udp from any to or 2- pass in quick on $ext_if inet proto udp from any...
  2. K

    Detect DHCP Network Changes?

    I have a machine running FreeBSD 12.3 and I am looking for a way to monitor network changes through a shell script, specifically related to the network interfaces. Some examples of things that I would like to detect are: When a network interface changes status (e.g. from active to no carrier)...
  3. F

    Solved No route to host using USB Tethering (rc.conf DHCP ifconfig not setting up ue0)

    PLEASE IGNORE THIS ! This post was made late in the night in the middle of frenzied network troubleshooting. I was not thinking stright. It is not possible to configure DHCP for ue0 on bootup, and given the nature of USB Tethering, it is not useful even if it did exist. You will always have the...
  4. I

    DHCP gets IP address wrong

    I just installed FreeBSD 12.2. I'm trying to set up internet access with an Intel 8260 Dual Band AC wifi adapter. I'm using an Xfinity Technicolor XB6 router from Comcast which has an IP address of and when using DHCP it assigns IP addresses in the form of 10.0.0.x. For some reason the...
  5. E

    Allow setting different root-path options for freebsd DHCP configuration

    From the official wiki pxeboot(8) I could see that the option root-path must be given in order to finish netboot for FreeBSD using NFS mount root directory, for instance: option root-path "nfs://"; but in this case, it is only possible to boot a certain version of FreeBSD that...
  6. F

    Solved DBDIR/dhcpd.leases

    I've installed isc-dhcp44-server and client and have read the manual pages for dhcpd.leases. The instructions say to look in man page of dhcpd.leases if you don't know what to do, which is that when dhcpd is invoked it cannot find var/db/dhcpd.leases. In the man page it says to create "touch...
  7. poorandunlucky

    How do you connect to a jailed server?

    This is probably really stupid, and I'm in no way a FreeBSD newb, but I'm new to jails, I used to run everything on the main OS, but now I'm trying to setup things that are going to be open to the Internet (like NextCloud, a VPN, DNS) so I want them jailed... I've setup my jails no problem...
  8. J

    failed to start dhclient - wifi

    Good morning gang, I have been hanging around her for a while now, I thought I could solve some issues by me onsy but no luck. I am getting the following message and no wireless service: # service netif restart Destroyed wlan(4) interfaces: wlan0. Created wlan(4) interfaces: wlan0. Starting...
  9. pixelsyntax

    No DHCPOFFERS received when trying to retrieve an IP via DHCP using alc NIC driver

    I am in a similar situation to the thread https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/no-dhcpoffers-received-when-trying-to-retrieve-an-ip-via-dhcp.68993/ and receive no DHCP offers via a 'Killer E2400 Gigabit Ethernet' interface using the alc driver. The interface is confirmed working in other operating...
  10. S

    multiple default gateways

    Hello, My adsl connection being slow, I bought a usb 4G key and each ip is provided by dhcp. To be able to register both default gateways and use them in a next step, I wrote /etc/rc.conf.d/networking like so: ifconfig_igb0="DHCP fib 0" ifconfig_ue0="SYNCDHCP fib 1" But setfib 1 netstat -rn...
  11. vermaden

    HOWTO: Highly Available DHCP Server on FreeBSD

    I would like to share a HOWTO in Servers/Clusters category about setting up Highly Available DHCP Server on FreeBSD system. https://vermaden.wordpress.com/2018/08/12/highly-available-dhcp-server-on-freebsd/ #verblog #cluster #dhcp #freebsd #HA #isc #kea #pkg
  12. Rastko

    Solved Internet problems (VBox guest) on wireless bridged

    Hi, [Edit] Long story short: My internet adapter fails to get a DHCP lease. I have a VirtualBox FreeBSD guest running on a Windows host on a laptop. Because I will be on the go, I want to have a) a direct connection to the internet from the guest with dynamic IP addresses and b) a host-only...
  13. greencloud

    Solved Network connection goes off after turning PC off overnight

    Hi, I'm fairly new to FreeBSD and for some reason I'm having a weird experience on how my setup is behaving on my network. I have 2 other operating systems on my rig (that's not even a year old), Archlinux, Windows 10 and FreeBSD, all installed on 3 separate SSD's. FreeBSD's volume is in GPT and...
  14. Allan

    Set Default Route w/ DHCP on Multi-Homed Box

    I have a machine that I use for a "lab" that has (at least) two ethernet ports: em0 and em1 Both are connected to different networks with their own DHCP servers. em0 is always connected to the "production" network that has Internet access and em1 is connected to the "lab" network. Sometimes...
  15. C

    When will dhclient from FreeBSD base support IPv6?

    Currently, I have to substitute dual-dhclient for dhclient from FreeBSD base to get DHCPv6 addresses, SLAAC addresses, and IPv4 addresses. Amazon EC2 configures dual-dhclient in /etc/rc.conf to support IPv6. It would be ideal for dhclient from FreeBSD base to do the job of dual-dhclient. Is...
  16. C

    Solved Is there a working DHCPv6 client for FreeBSD?

    It seems dhclient and dhcp6 are all broken at this point. dhcp6c couldn't fetch an IPv6 address from my OpenWrt router.
  17. C

    FreeBSD for "Mainserver" of small company

    Hi all, I have been tasked with setting up a new server to replace a 10+ year old Apple Mac Server which has been running as the "Mainserver" for a small company I work at. This Mac server performs various server roles, including DHCP, DNS, and most importantly, file serving. We have roughly...
  18. dch

    iOS tethering & default route

    My iphone 6s+ (the continent-sized one) is recognised in 11.0-CURRENT now: ipheth0: <Apple Inc. iPhone, class 0/0, rev 2.00/8.02, addr 7> on usbus0 ue0: <USB Ethernet> on ipheth0 ue0: Ethernet address: 82:ed:2c:45:8e:f7 I've been doing the following to set up tethering: # pkg install -y...
  19. dch

    Solved DHCP overwrites local_unbound config

    In certain ISP crappy routers, the locally provided DNS resolver cannot handle DNSSEC and _srv queries, which breaks pkg at bootstrap, along with many other things. As these resolvers are handed out via DHCP from the router, I need to hard-code a specific forwarder and not have DHCP overwrite...
  20. A

    isc-dhcpd logging

    Hey everyone, I faced an issue with dhcpd logging. Configured logging: gw# less /usr/local/etc/dhcpd.conf | grep log log-facility local7; gw# less /etc/rc.conf | grep dhcpd dhcpd_enable="YES" dhcpd_ifaces="em3" gw# cat /etc/syslog.conf | grep dhcpd !dhcpd *.*...