device driver

  1. M

    amdgpu driver with AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 (vega10) Segmentation Fault on GLX

    Hello! The amdgpu driver crashes with a segmentation fault on X.Org something like (address is correct) "Segmentation Fault on 0x2" (I'm not posting log, there was NOTHING usefull, and i dont want to restart X, but if you do think, i should, will do it.) The wayland (sway) crashes with...
  2. D

    Solved [Driver dev] : how to device_if.m

    Hi everybody, I'm experiencing my first driver dev. And I have this compil error : /usr/src/sys/sys/bus.h:743:10: fatal error: 'device_if.h' file not found How should I troubleshoot this, please ? Or how do I generate device_if.h from device_if.m ? Thanks a lot Cheers
  3. hakova

    Trying to get Dell DW 1801 work with FreeBSD 13.0-Stable

    Dear all, Did anybody have good luck getting this wireless laptop adapter recognized and work with FreeBSD? If so, which driver needs to be used? I had bad luck with ath (random try), bwi and bwn drivers. I believe this is the network adapter in Dell Inspiron 3000 series laptops. Currently...
  4. H

    FreeBSD 13.0: Observing corruption in SGL

    Hello , In freeBSD 13.0, while running IO with blocksize 1MB observed corruption in SGL received. Ran IO with FIO (version 3.28)IO tool. Command used : fio --filename=/dev/da0: -direct=1 -iodepth=32 -ioengine=posixaio -rw=randrw -bs=1024k -numjobs=8 -runtime=30 -group_reporting -name=stress...
  5. Nick-6

    Load all kernel modules and check USB Wireless Adapter is working?

    I have a cheap usb wireless adapter (brandname=Tenda) and I would like to know whether it is supported or not. It seems there are 805 kernel modules in FreeBSD-13. % ls /boot/kernel/*.ko | wc -l 805 Can I just load all those kernel modules and check my wireless is working at all? #...
  6. alemoppo

    Solved Make driver in FreeBSD 13.0 - svn sources

    Hello! I'm new on FreeBSD, i'm trying to create the "skeleton" driver and run it. I just create the "skeleton.c" and the "Makefile". When i run "make" it appear: After google it, i found this thread: 49779. But i can't find the source of the 13.0 version, it doesn't seem to be here...
  7. A

    How to apply for GPIO interrupt in kernel

    Hi everybody, Recently I transplanted an i2c device to FreeBSD on Raspberry 3b+, and needed to use a GPIO interrupt function. When using the gpio_alloc_intr_resource () function, it always returned NULL. I don’t know what went wrong. And attach DTS configuration : touchscreen@5d {...
  8. J

    Unsure how to Making a SD Card Device Driver for FreeBSD without block device

    I want to make a sd card reader for FreeBSD on a RPI3 for a project like a SD card kernal module. I know how SD card works as with Block Device but block device is gone. So, I would like any suggestion on how to build a sd card driver in freebsd for ARM architecture. Thanks! Is there a library...
  9. M

    GTX 1070 Ti?

    Hi, I have been running Solaris for many years, but am considering switching to FreeBSD, because of ZFS support which is important to me. So I have four questions that I hope you can help me with? 1) I have an LSI2008 sas card, is it supported? 2) I have a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 Ti graphics...
  10. goshanecr

    amdtemp not shown AMD A6-9500E sensors

    Good day! I have a PC with such processor: CPU: AMD A6-9500E RADEON R5, 6 COMPUTE CORES 2C+4G (2994.44-MHz K8-class CPU) Origin="AuthenticAMD" Id=0x660f51 Family=0x15 Model=0x65 Stepping=1...
  11. E

    How do I make my device driver respond to lseek?

    Hi, I've been trying to figure out how to make my device driver respond to lseek. There doesn't seem to be an appropriate entry in the cdevsw structure (in src/sys/sys/conf.h). Obviously I can make an ioctl call for this, but I'd like to do it it the right way. FWIW, this is a device...